Mosquito plane targeting swamps

The Mosquito Research and Control Unit plane plans to cover Cayman’s swamps over the next 10 days before the rainy season picks up.  

Starting Tuesday, the plane will drop small pellets to target mosquito larvae in the water and reduce the mosquito problem coming from the swamps. The pellets are activated by rain and help kill biting mosquitoes for two months, according to the MRCU. 

The low-level flights by the MRCU’s red and white prop plane will start in the Sister Islands before covering Grand Cayman. If the weather cooperates, it should take 10 days to fly over all of Cayman’s swamps during the mornings and late afternoons, the MRCU said. 

The Unit estimates there are 12,000 acres of swamps to target on Grand Cayman, 320 acres on the Brac and 475 on Little Cayman. 

Early rains and higher tides recently have increased the number of mosquitoes in the past couple weeks, the MRCU said. The Unit said the new treatment should help lower mosquito numbers for the next two months. 


  1. I love watching that plane in action, its always a fun buzz when that thing zoooms over your head, I always seem to have my face pressed up my windows when I hear it comming, in anticipation of where its coming from.

  2. The question is what has been happening recently? Why the massive increase in mosquitoes everywhere & why are they not confined to the usual witching hours of dawn and dusk? It’s like the plane has been spraying them with steroids recently as they seem bigger and the usual repellent seems to just antagonize them! Been here a while and have never experienced these numbers before. With sites being cleared for an increased volume of construction there is more stagnant/standing water around for breeding but that can’t be the only reason for the increase can it?

  3. I believe some years there are plenty, and in other years not so much, while you can’t fully predict when they will have a massive spawn or not, you can at least prevent the pests from breeding on your property.

    I suppose, that its just something to live with.

    I have to admit, MRCU does what they can, and a mighty fine job of it too.

    But this is just nature doing its thing.

    Everyone needs to at least do their part too, sometimes bucket might get left un-attended and go unnoticed for a while, and when the rain comes, they fill with water, in turn, that turns into a potential breeding ground for mosquitos.

    Afterall, anything is possible, preventing possible breeding grounds is the best thing to do to cut down on the pests as well as helping MRCU out, Just take a few mins to carefully look around your property for anything that catches water, and overturn them if they are filled with water, and make sure nothing catches water, if you have gutters, make sure they aren’t clogged, thats potentially a big possibility for breeding mosquitos since that could be easily overlooked.

    On the bright side, at least they can be controlled to an extent.

    But nature will be nature.

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