Thief who smashed car windows jailed for 18 months

New offenses activate old sentence


Theft from one car and damage to three other cars resulted in an 18 month jail sentence for Jermaine Myles-Barnes in Summary Court last week. 

All offenses took place at the Countryside Shopping Village on Aug. 14, 2014.  

Myles-Barnes, 29, pleaded guilty and received concurrent sentences totaling nine months. However, at the time of the offenses, he had been on a suspended sentence for handling stolen goods. Magistrate Grace Donalds therefore activated a portion of that sentence to reach the final total. 

At the shopping center, the front side windows of all four cars were smashed. Glove compartments were opened and items strewn about. 

Jewelry that was stolen from a BMW was recovered from Barnes’s vehicle. He pleaded guilty to theft, and that damage to property charge was left on file. 

The other damage to property charges related to a Nissan Sunny, a Toyota Mark 2 and a Honda Civic. 

The magistrate imposed a term of nine months for the theft and six months for each charge of damage to property. 

In summarizing the facts, the Crown counsel noted that Myles-Barnes’s vehicle was seen on CCTV at the location. There was evidence of another person being involved, but that person remained at large. 

Defense attorney Fiona Robertson called her client’s actions “nuisance offenses” but accepted that they were “utterly irritating to the car owners.” She presented a letter written by him expressing remorse and setting out his personal circumstances. 

Ms. Robertson noted that Myles-Barnes had previously received a sentence of 18 months, suspended for two years, for handling stolen goods. He was nine months into the suspension period, working and making “good efforts” when he committed the new offenses. She asked that he be given credit for that part. 

Myles-Barnes also pleaded guilty to possession of more than 10 ounces of ganja at his home. Police discovered it when they went to the premises with a search warrant in relation to another matter. The defendant pleaded guilty, saying that the drug was for his personal use. A six-month sentence for this offense was also made concurrent. 

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