Recalling Caymanian seaman's WWII service

I was glad to see the letter of July 7 from Mr. Roy Bodden (“Seamen’s place in Cayman history”) about the part played by our world famous seamen in our economy prior to our becoming a financial center. 

Mr. Neil Cruickshank also makes a very valid point in his letter of July 14 (“Mosquitoes and Cayman’s economy”) about the very capable entomologist Dr. Marco Giglioli. 

Nevertheless I feel that the seamen of my father’s generation deserve much more recognition than they have been given, and in support of this I enclose a letter from Vice Admiral E.W. Mills of the U.S. Navy to my father, the late Capt. Alva A. Reid which speaks for itself. 

Due to the fact that many young people have probably never heard of my father, I would mention that he was born in Little Cayman in 1901. 

Editor’s note: Above is the enclosed letter, which praises Capt. Alva A. Reid for his service in the U.S. Naval Salvage Service. 

alva reid wwii letter

Letter, dated March 1, 1947, from U.S. Navy Vice Admiral E.W. Mills to Caymanian Alva A. Reid, recognizing his service during World War II.