Defendant says he was asleep when robbery occurred

One of the men accused of robbing Blackbeard’s liquor store has claimed he was asleep in his friend’s bedroom at the time of the raid. 

Bron Webb insisted it was he and not his co-accused Andrew Lopez that was telling the truth when he appeared in Grand Court on Friday. 

Webb is charged along with Lopez and Randy Connor of an armed robbery at the liquor store on Dec. 17 last year. 

The trio were arrested, along with another man, at Lopez’s house in Prospect shortly after the holdup. A shotgun was recovered from the home, along with bank cards and cash. Lopez and Webb have told conflicting stories about what they were doing at the time of the robbery. 

On Friday, Webb denied he had anything to do with the raid, claiming he had been sleeping in Lopez’s bedroom at the time and only awoke when he heard the shouts of police officers outside. 

He told the court he had called on Lopez to get some cash his friend had arranged to give him. He said they talked for a few minutes and may have had a beer and a smoke before Lopez left, saying he could “chill” in his room while he was gone. 

Lopez claimed, during his testimony earlier in the week, that he had been in his room with his girlfriend for part of the time the robbery took place. 

Under cross-examination from Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards, Webb acknowledged that both stories could not be true. He said Lopez had not been in the room with him. 

“I’m speaking the truth and Mr. Lopez is not,” he said. 

Webb accepted that he had tried to hide behind a vehicle when armed officers arrived at Lopez’s home, saying he had done so because he was scared of police. 

He accepted he was wearing green underpants when he was arrested. Shown CCTV footage of the liquor store robbery, he denied that he was the man wearing a white shirt, with green underpants visible in the video. He insisted he had played no role in the robbery, “That is a silly crime I would not commit,” he added. 

The trial continues on Monday. 

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