North Side bedroom burglary

“Burglars creep into boy’s bedroom, chased off by dad,” March 21

It’s really time to inform people that they need to watch their backs in Cayman.

“‘Now when we have friends and family over, we have to tell them it isn’t that safe,’ he said.”

What a powerful statement that is, coming from more and more people who visit these shores. Unfortunately it’s true.

Michael Davis


Our hotels charge a premium rate above our competition, partly because of safety.

If we lose that, we may need to compete at the same price level as Jamaica. And provide the same barbed wire–guarded enclosures for our tourists.

Norman Linton


In Bodden Town, we are having the 3 o’clock bandits breaking into people’s homes and stealing cases of drinks, juice and oatmeal cookies.

The police need to put undercover cops on the roads around that time, in the areas of public beaches, because it seems like that is where they congregate and make preparations for late-night robberies. Undercover police can learn a lot by hanging out on public beaches after 10 p.m. and around closing time at shops and street corners.

Twyla Vargas

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