As writers, we pick the brains of models, trainers and athletes all the time. We are forever prying open their refrigerators and picking through their medicine cabinets (metaphorically, of course), looking for that top secret ingredient. In fairness, we hear a lot of great tips: eat clean, get moving and, for the love of Facebook, quiet your mind, meditate and get your emotional health in some state of order.

What many of us forget to take into account is that each and every one of us is different. Our bodies need different things and we all have different stress levels. This is why most fad fitness plans fail and, in no time at all, most of us are back on the mini patties, looking for the next one-size-fits-all solution to feeling good.

Cayman-based model and fitness entrepreneur Nadine Dumas knows a thing or two about feeling amazing. In fact, she has turned it into a growing health and wellness empire that seems poised to catapult her into international fame.

In 2015 alone, Dumas swept the fitness industry by storm and graced five international magazine covers from Australia to Dubai. She was named the top fitness female in Canada and inked an endorsement with KitchenAid, in addition to managing her worldwide online coaching business, which will soon expand into Singapore and Australia.

Recently, the Cayman-based mum and mogul-to-be was featured on Inc. magazine online, a hotbed for startups and entrepreneurs living in a digital world. As an accountant turned self-made fitness impresario, she is an authority on the unique type of bravado – equal parts calculated risk and creativity – that is requisite for making positive change of any kind.

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In this article, Dumas gets to the brass tacks of igniting personal wellness over summer. The key to her success, and to the success of the thousands she has coached into wellness, is balance.

Nadine Dumas, taking advantage of fresh fruit and vegetables available at local markets.
Nadine Dumas, taking advantage of fresh fruit and vegetables available at local markets.

Here is her advice on how to kickstart a routine with staying power:

Get “real” with your food

Summer is the perfect time to challenge yourself to become more aware of what you are putting into your body. With summer upon us, we tend to indulge a bit more in the sweets, ice creams or sugary drinks. Not only do these contribute to increased health risks, but coming off that sugar high tends to leave us feeling guilty and deflated. Use the local markets to your advantage this summer and experiment with different locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Make your “fitspo” fun

Do something out of the ordinary this summer. Give a new fitness class a try. Challenge yourself to commit to taking your own fitness routine outdoors and enjoy our beautiful beaches or take up an outdoor sport that also gives you a chance to meet new people or hang out with friends. Summer fitness should be fun! Use the time line of summer to commit to it and reach for a new goal. By the fall, you will have built a healthy, lasting habit.

Inner balance

The buzz around mindfulness and meditation is not just spin. Challenge yourself to establishing a routine that reduces your daily stress levels. Is it taking a break from social media for an hour a day or taking a sunset walk? Meditation is wonderful, but peace of mind is very personal, so make it work for you.

Get clear

Set the goal for yourself to de-clutter something in your life. Whether it’s a physical object or person, taking the time to reflect on your own personal well-being is so incredibly important for your own clarity. A lot of the time we are leading such hectic lives that we brush a lot of things that are weighing us down to the back of our minds, but they still linger. Using this time to rebuild can be incredibly rewarding.

Pay it forward

Once you have put yourself on a path of feeling well, make the time to reach out and help someone who may need a positive influence on their own journey. Maybe it’s an old friend you have not connected with for months. As small as this island is, it’s also very easy to lose touch with people because we all lead such busy lives.

Use this summer to challenge yourself to reconnect with the people you love, as they will ultimately be your champions on the road to a better you.

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