Ceremonies mark achievements of eastern district students

The top 10 academic students at the graduation ceremony

Proud parents, family, friends and dignitaries showed their support at two recent events marking the achievements of the Clifton Hunter High School graduating class.

The first ceremony was held on June 16 at the Clifton Hunter High School Performing Arts Hall, and recognized the students with the highest achievements in individual subject areas. Other awards recognized students for their accomplishments in various facets of student life, including volunteering, citizenship and performing arts.

In addition, SOY (Save Our Youth) Medallions acknowledging those students who ordinarily might not be singled out in a positive way, whose day-to-day acts of kindness or whose above and beyond efforts might otherwise go unnoticed, were awarded to Tishanna Campbell, Carwyn Carter, Joshua Gonzalez, Corey Lyn, Jordan Rankin, Isabelle Richardson and Derricka Neysmith.

At the graduation ceremony, held on June 23 at First Baptist Church on Crewe Road, students received their diplomas in Level 1, Level 2, Level 2 Honors, and Level 2 with High Honors categories. The Student of the Year Award went to Lacee Barnes, who also took home the Leadership Award and was one of two female Sportspersons of the Year. Lacee successfully represented the Cayman Islands in track and field, and is currently attending St. Ignatius High School. She is also a recipient of the Proud of Them Award for her sporting achievements.

Corey Lyn was the recipient of the Governor’s Award for being the most improved student, while the Deputy Governor’s Award for Leadership and Social Responsibility went to Marika Scotland. Marika is also a recipient of the Proud of Them Award in the areas of academics and community service. The Ethics Award went to Gabriella Castillo and the Christian Character Award went to Janessa Prendergast. Along with Lacee Barnes, the other Sportspersons of the Year were Rajnea Coley and Daneliz Thomas.

The SOY Foundation Awards for Community Service was awarded to Rajnea Coley and Marika Scotland, both students also received recognition for serving as head boy and head girl for the graduating class while at Clifton Hunter High School.

The Award for Academic Excellence went to Kimberly King, who attained the best results in external examinations. Joining her in the list of top 10 academic students were Lacee Barnes, Gabriella Castillo, Rajnea Coley, Roberth Davis Cordero, Janice Forbes, Kayla Grant, Derricka Neysmith, Johanna Porter, and Brian-Emmanuel Walters.

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