Cayman to host international fisheries conference

Up to 300 delegates from more than 80 countries are expected in the Cayman Islands for the 69th Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute Conference.

The conference at the Westin resort from Nov. 7-11 will focus on the use and management of marine resources in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Gina Ebanks-Petrie, director of the Department of Environment, which will host the conference on behalf of the government, said it will attract scientists, academics and policymakers from across the region.

“The technical presentations and workshops that will be presented will allow them to explore current resource management issues in depth, and in the process, there will be many opportunities for dialogue among groups that usually are isolated from each other,” she said.

Department of Environment Research Officer Bradley Johnson said he and his departmental colleagues are excited to host the prestigious event.

“This is a huge deal for us, and for Cayman,” he said. “It’s fantastic for our islands in terms of promoting and informing our environmental positions, but it’s also great for us economically.” Papers will be presented on various topics, including reefs and associated ecosystems, climate change and coastal management, essential fish habitats and aquaculture.

Based on attendance at previous conferences, the event is expected to bring 250 to 300 people, who will have the opportunity to explore the Cayman Islands.

“Every year, the conference sets aside Wednesday afternoon as the day for attendees to explore the host country,” Mr. Johnson said. “This gives our business community the opportunity to showcase all the best of Cayman’s cultural heritage – which of course includes our beautiful environment.”

For more information about the conference, contact Mr. Johnson at [email protected]


  1. I agree that hosting the conference is very good so that they can see our beautiful environment . But Mr Johnson please don’t take them to George town harbor , but if the Port had permanent moorings that would have protected the underwater environment , that would be very impressive to let them see we can operate a port and protect the underwater environment at the same time .

  2. That is interesting indeed. Especially the subject of aquaculture, our turtle farm being essentially that.
    Hope there will be a sharing of information on fish farming, and this forum can be pushed further down the local concern. Sustainability is more than money in the bank, think of the last resort sustainability, a new word for survival. If that is too dramatic, then think of cost of living management. Food, shelter, clothing, and the new essential. Electricity, by what ever means possible (Solar Energy).

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