Guilty verdict in firearm trial

Jose Guadalupe Sanchez, 29, was found guilty Wednesday of possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Sanchez was charged with possessing a semiautomatic 9mm pistol after an incident at the Everglo Bar in Bodden Town on the night of July 4, 2015.

Justice Charles Quin, who conducted the judge-alone Grand Court trial, said he found the Crown witnesses, including a security guard who stopped Sanchez at the door, to be truthful and reliable.

He said he found this to be an appropriate case to draw an adverse inference from Sanchez’s failure, when interviewed, to tell police facts on which he relied during his trial. Justice Quin said he had also found the evidence against Sanchez overwhelming.

Sanchez will return to court on Aug. 26 when a date will be set for sentencing.

The Firearms Law sets 10 years as the mandatory minimum sentence for conviction after trial.

Another man and a woman are charged in connection with the incident and are scheduled for mention later this month.


  1. My comments to this case , I applaud the Judge for doing a good job , and we should have all judges like Justice Quin . We would have less of those kind of people on the Island then .

    But what I don’t understand about issues like this one is other News Media’s would alow their bloggers to wonder of subject so far that they involve other innocent people and district in their comments , ” like saying that all Ebanks should be deported of the Islands ” I am sure that the comment wouldn’t have been published if the last name had been Bodden or McLaughlin which are all prominent names and should be respected .
    I think that this kind of conduct by any News Media should be a lowed because it causes discourse and disruption in the Islands .

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