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Shark killings on the rise in Cayman waters

The number of sharks being killed in Cayman’s waters is increasing, with 27 reported killed as of 26 Aug. compared to 16 in 2019.

Coastal impact from TS Grace being investigated

Initials checks on the coastal impact of Tropical Storm Grace have found that the northern end of Seven Mile Beach fared well, but there was some erosion on the southern end, Department of Environment Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie said.

DoE and Dart spar over environmental assessment requirement

The Department of Environment and Dart have locked horns over the requirement for an environmental impact assessment for a planned area development in West Bay.

NCC agrees to redirect funds to keep turtle camera operational

The National Conservation Council has voted to redirect $7000 from its Environment Protection Fund allocation to continue its CCTV turtle monitoring project in West Bay after a nesting Green Sea turtle was claimed by poachers.

CPA turns down application to clear mangrove area

The Central Planning Authority has rejected an application by K&B Ltd. to clear mangrove land near an area where illegal clearing had earlier been carried out.

World Sea Turtle Day: Huge turtle rescued on Little Cayman

Staff and guests at Pirates Point and the Department of Environment this morning rescued a huge green sea turtle that had become trapped in bushes on the grounds of the resort on Little Cayman.

More stony coral disease found at dive sites

A change in the progression rate of stony coral tissue loss disease has led the Department of Environment to suspect divers and boat operators may be spreading it.

Cease notice issued over Regal Beach Club works

The Planning Department has issued cease and enforcement notices to luxury condominium Regal Beach Club after its repair work was flagged as "unauthorized."

DoE contracting divers to fight coral disease

The Department of Environment is coordinating a national effort to combat the deadly Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease impacting over 20 species of reef-building...

DoE allocates funds to fight deadly coral disease

Just under $100,000 from the Department of Environment’s budget has been diverted to help combat the spread of the deadly stony coral tissue loss disease.

DoE: Developer investigated for illegal mangrove clearing

The director of the Department of Environment says a cease-and-desist notice has been formally served to a developer who was caught illegally clearing mangroves on the company’s property in Red Bay.

DoE: Leave the sharks alone

The Department of Environment has issued a reminder to the public not to harass or disturb marine wildlife after videos and photos of a shark spotted close to shore along Seven Mile Beach made the rounds over the weekend.

Conservation Council seeks feedback on plan to save rare shrub

The National Conservation Council is requesting public input on its proposed plan to protect the rare Aegiphila caymanensis shrub, which is unique to Grand Cayman and has been listed as critically endangered.

Litter Law charges considered in mangrove concrete dumping

National Concrete has been warned by the Department of Environmental Health that it may face prosecution under the Litter Law, after a company truck was photographed Monday discharging excess concrete into a Red Bay mangrove.

DoE: No prosecution over dumped concrete in Red Bay mangrove

The Department of Environment will not recommend prosecution against National Concrete, after a company truck was spotted Monday evening dumping concrete into a mangrove swamp in Red Bay.

DoE yet to approve plan for removal of ironshore at FIN

The Department of Environment has not yet given the go-ahead for work to start on removing parts of the ironshore to create a saltwater tidal pool at the FIN development on South Church Street.

Port Authority: Eden Rock damage was ‘no one’s fault’

A boating incident that left the coral reef at Cayman’s Eden Rock dive site covered in sand was likely an ‘unfortunate accident’, according to both the Port Authority and the Department of Environment.

Divers fighting clock as coral rescue continues

Hundreds of divers joined a two-day volunteer effort this week to help save the coral reef at Eden Rock that had been smothered by sand.

Divers come to aid of imperiled coral

About 100 divers gathered at Eden Rock Dive Centre Wednesday afternoon to help the Department of Environment clear sand that had swamped a section of reef off the George Town coastline.

Man discovers rift in South Sound seabed

The full effects of the January’s 7.7 earthquake are still coming to light, this after a man discovered an crack on the seabed of the South Sound lagoon.

Turtle rescued after falling in pool

The Department of Environment's turtle-rescue team sprang into action over the weekend to save a green sea turtle after it got stuck in a swimming pool.

Inspired by good news 

Friday’s Compass (17 July) was one of the most uplifting and encouraging papers I have ever read. Of course, we are all delighted with...

Coral killer disease found in Cayman

Cayman’s reefs are under attack from the mysterious, but deadly Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease that has ravaged Florida’s coral reefs.

Sargassum smothers local shores

Cayman’s pristine shoreline is once again under attack from a familiar foe as mounds of sargassum have started washing up on local beaches.

Satellite linked to Brac rocket debris visible in pre-dawn sky

Last month, just off the coast of Cayman Brac, fishermen discovered debris from a Russian rocket. Early Wednesday morning, stargazers may get a glimpse of a satellite launched from that same rocket.

Shark killed as ghost net causes coral damage in South Sound

A nurse shark was killed and two others, along with several species of fish, were rescued by Department of Environment officers after the marine creatures became trapped in a ‘ghost net’ in South Sound, near the Pallas wreck.
DoE Conservation Officers confiscated 74 fish, 3 lobster and 2 spear guns and snorkel gear from two men caught spear fishing without a license. Enforcement continues amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Marine enforcement continues amid COVID crisis

The Department of Environment has warned against overfishing amid the escalating financial consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

Mangroves cleared while protection plan awaits Cabinet approval

The Department of Environment says unapproved mangrove-forest clearing is a problem they are not authorised to act on.

Protect Our Future calls for mangrove conservation

Protect Our Future members marked Global Wetlands Day on Monday by protesting the destruction of mangroves at an Old Prospect Road site after a developer removed the vegetation and filled the area without planning permission.

Giant floating net found off George Town

A fishing device with a ghost net, measuring a total length of 877 feet, was found floating off George Town harbour Tuesday.

Plastic pollution entangles marine life

The increasing presence of plastics in the Caribbean Sea has created an environment rife with unnatural perils for marine life. In Cayman, the public...

Nassau grouper restrictions to continue

Even though Cayman’s Nassau grouper numbers are increasing, government restrictions on catching the fish will continue.

Trespass concerns remain as iguana cull begins

Those behind the 2020 green iguana cull say they will be going into communities to seek permission from homeowners to help reduce complaints of trespass.

Nassau grouper population bouncing back

Local conservation efforts to resuscitate the population of the critical endangered Nassau grouper population lauded.

2020 green iguana cull begins

The 2020 edition of the green iguana cull has started and already 594 of the animals being turned in to the Department of Environment in the first three days of this year's cull.

Stingray City freeze to run for 6 months

The Department of Environment has suspended issuing new Stingray City/Sandbar licences.
Tourists on Seven Mile Beach

How much tourism is too much for a small island?

Cayman's tourism industry is thriving. But amid the debate over if and how to develop the island's port facilities, some are wondering, if the growth in visitors is sustainable and what the impact of rising visitation might mean for the island over the coming decades.

Stingray City licences capped

Government puts a cap on licences issued for Stingray City.

Stingrays injured by boats

The Department of Environment and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation raise concern after two stingrays were injured in quick succession by boats at the sandbar.

Two held for attack on DoE officer

Two men have been detained for the assault of a senior Department of Environment conservation officer who suffered a head injury on Tuesday during an arrest in East End. They have since been bailed.
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DoE officer injured during arrest

A Department of Environment investigation is underway onto the assualt of a conservation officer who was left nursing a head injury on Tuesday. It followed a confrontation with a suspect in East End.

Iguana cull marks first year

A year after it launched, the Department of Environment's island-wide cull of invasive green iguanas has removed 1,028,305 of the animals from the population.

Gungchul, the rock iguana, killed on the Brac

The Department of Environment has renewed its call for drivers on Cayman Brac to slow down when travelling through areas inhabited by rock iguanas. Local conservationists mourn the death of Gungchul, a rock iguana, after the animal was run over by a vehicle on Tuesday near The Bat Cave, on South Side Road.

DoE: 2019 set to be a record turtle-nesting season

New numbers from the Department of Environment said the current tally of turtle nests found in Grand Cayman this year is set to surpass the 406 nests recorded in all three islands in 2018. The DoE said it has already been one of its busiest turtle seasons to date.

Rare albino turtle hatchling found

A routine turtle nest excavation turned up a unique find for the Department of Environment’s turtle team on Friday, when they unearthed a rare albino sea turtle hatchling.

The culling fields

Nearly a year’s worth of iguana culling has yielded “spectacular” results, according to officials at the Department of Environment, but that doesn’t mean the battle is over.

DoE registers 60 Cayman parrots in amnesty effort

Sixty Cayman parrots have been signed up for registration so far under the Department of Environment’s ongoing amnesty. The department said 54 birds on Grand Cayman and six on Cayman Brac have been signed up.

DoE: Don’t mess with the nests

A social media video showing a sea turtle nest being dug up has prompted a warning from the Department of Environment.

DOE issues warning after turtle rescued from roaming dogs

The Department of Environment issued a warning to pet owners Friday after roaming dogs were caught on camera attacking a nesting turtle along a West Bay beach.

Weekly numbers dip, but cullers surpass 900,000 iguanas

The number of green iguanas turned in by Grand Cayman’s cullers took a dip this past week compared to the previous period.

Neighbours outline objections to Beach Bay resort

Around 40 neighbouring residents spelled out some of their objections to a 125-room Mandarin Oriental hotel and condo development in Beach Bay during a meeting of the Central Planning Authority Wednesday.

Iguana cullers have hearty week to open September

Cayman’s cullers took 14,844 green iguanas out of the ecosystem last week, marking their most successful period in more than two months.

Experts fear worse than usual coral bleaching season

This year is not shaping up as a good one for Cayman’s coral population.

Rare Brac shrub gets species protections

Sybil’s crownbeard, named in 2018 in honour of Grand Cayman’s Sybil McLaughlin and Cayman Brac’s Sybil Jackson, occurs along a limited stretch in Cayman Brac that includes Spot Bay and the Big Channel Bluff Road area.

Department of Environment rescue turtle from ‘ghost net’

Department of Environment officers, en route by boat to Cayman Brac last week, freed a turtle they came across that was trapped in a floating ‘ghost net’.

Masses of seaweed invade Cayman shores

Weeks after government workers cleared 200 tons of sargassum from Grand Cayman’s coastlines, the invasive seaweed has returned to the island.

Six-month amnesty for parrot owners

If something is not done, Fred Burton says, the Cayman parrot may cease to be.
More than a million green iguanas have been culled since late October 2018.

Iguana count begins this month

The Department of Environment will soon find out whether its iguana culling programme is making an impact.

DoE locates missing shark tag

The Department of Environment offered a $200 reward for anyone who located a satellite tag that dislodged from a Caribbean reef shark off Little Cayman on Thursday night, but the tag was found in the end by one of the department’s own officers.

Another down week for iguana cullers

Last week, cullers removed 9,011 invasive green iguanas from Grand Cayman, the lowest number in a single week since the culling project began in October last year.

Pease Bay children help release hatchling turtles into the wild

A group of children had a magical and educational experience on Thursday night when they got to see up close the release of 100 baby turtles into the wild.

Rainfall deters iguana cullers

Last week, cullers removed 9,232 invasive green iguanas from Grand Cayman, the lowest number in a single week since the culling project began in October last year.

Culled iguanas surpass 800,000

Following more than two months of consistently strong results, Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers delivered fewer than 13,000 culled iguanas to the George Town landfill last week. Still, that was enough to boost the total number of culled iguanas past the 800,000 mark.

Turtle found in net euthanised due to injuries

A juvenile loggerhead turtle found floating in a net off Barkers Beach had to be euthanised because of its injuries, the Department of Environment said Thursday.

Iguana cull numbers pass 750,000 mark

Figures for culled green iguanas have reached more than three quarters of a million.

Cayman’s diminishing mangroves

Longtime residents of Grand Cayman will already know how drastically the island has changed in recent decades, as construction and development have accelerated to keep pace with a growing population. Analysis from the Department of Environment can help quantify how drastic that change has been for the island’s wetlands.

Second population of rare flower being protected

The discovery of a second population of a rare flower found only in Grand Cayman has altered plans for a residential development in order to protect the species.

Surging iguana cull numbers approach 750,000

Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers delivered 29,925 lizards to the George Town landfill last week, the largest weekly total since mid-December.

Turtle monitoring on ‘see sea TV’

One of the Cayman Islands’ most popular turtle nesting beaches will be put under round-the-clock surveillance in a pilot project to help tackle poachers.

Iguana cullers keep up the pace

Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers delivered more than 24,000 reptiles to the George Town landfill last week, making it the fifth time in the past six weeks that they culled more than 22,000 iguanas.

Cayman’s sorry shark tale continues

Despite a ban on shark fishing and 10 years of focussed conservation effort, the apex predator remains vulnerable in Cayman’s waters.

Strong weekly performance boosts iguana cull above 638,000

Following a brief dip, Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers posted strong results again last week, removing nearly 27,000 of the invasive lizards from the island.

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