Man sentenced for ganja, girlfriend released

Crown withdraws charge against woman

Leonela Cogollo Pedroza had ganja-related charges against her withdrawn late Thursday after her boyfriend pleaded guilty and said she had no knowledge of the drugs.

Eduardo Swaby Gutierrez was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for possession of ganja with intent to supply. The amount, initially estimated at around 200 pounds, was certified to be 269.9 pounds.

Swaby, 32, and Pedroza, 29, were charged after police found the ganja at their residence on Monday, Sept. 5. Both had been in custody since.

Through her attorney, Martha Rankine, Pedroza told the court last week that she did not know about the drugs, which were in the locked laundry room of the premises. However, she had not formally entered a plea of not guilty.

Following Swaby’s sentence, Crown counsel Greg Walcolm said he was withdrawing the charges of simple possession and possession with intent against Pedroza.

Magistrate Grace Donalds told the woman that she was accordingly discharged: “You are free to go.”

A small group of friends waited for Pedroza at the rear of the courthouse because paperwork had to be completed before she could be released.

Further details in Monday’s Cayman Compass.

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