Savannah students tackle pet care

From left, Elizabeth Walton-Pineda, Danae Wilson, Aaliyannah Anderson, Analeah Parker, Durean Thompson, Kayleigh Push, and Miss Nesa Pena.

A group of Year 6 students at Savannah Primary School took on the issue of homeless pets in their International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme awareness exhibition with the help of local animal rescue charity CARE.

The school’s coordinator for the program, Jessica Eden, noted the exhibition on April 12 had students exploring how their passion can drive them toward great accomplishment. With the assistance and guidance of Ms. Eden, teachers and mentors worked with the students to gather information and perform an action geared toward changes, with positive impact on all.

The Year 6 Erskine students Aaliyannah Anderson, Danae Wilson, Kayleigh Push, Analeah Parker, Durean Thompson and Elizabeth Walton-Pineda, with the assistance and guidance of their teacher Nesa Pena, looked into animal homelessness for their presentation. The group joined fellow Year 6 students presenting on a  wide range of topics, such as drug awareness and other community issues.

For their project, the group reached out to the kidsCARE team, CARE’s student-focused program, for information on their subject.

“We were also invited to attend the awareness day, which was a great honor for us,” said kidsCARE coordinator Kiralee Harnett, who noted that Abby the dog also came along to represent the organization’s “fur talent.”

Students and teachers from John A. Cumber Primary School, Prospect Primary School, MLAs from the district of Bodden Town, representatives from the Ministry and Department of Education, parents and family members all attended the exhibition.

After making their presentation, the students went to Countryside Shopping Village in Savannah to hand out fliers with information about spay and neuter programs and spoke with shoppers about how important it is to spay and neuter pets.