New trencher starts work on Brac

Water Authority – Cayman staff pose in front of a new trencher on Cayman Brac.

A new trencher is now in operation on the Water Authority – Cayman’s pipeline extension project in Cayman Brac.

The new trencher, a Vermeer T755 Commander III, was officially commissioned on April 11 and is an updated version of the Vermeer T755 Commander II trencher that had been in operation there since 2013.

The Authority also has a Vermeer RTX 750 rubber-tired rockwheel trencher on the Brac. The acquisition brings the Authority’s trencher fleet to a total of five.

“The existing trencher used by the pipelaying crew in Cayman Brac is now more than 10 years old and it is showing signs of its age,” said Water Authority deputy director Tom van Zanten, noting it is hoped the purchase will limit downtime due to mechanical issues.

The new trencher is expected to remain on the Brac for the remainder of the decade-long project.

The old trencher will be moved back to Grand Cayman.

As of the end of April, 2017, the pipeline expansion project has continued past Cotton Tree Bay into Rock.


  1. This new trencher could trench the whole Island of the Brac in less than a month, and why is it going to take 10 years ? Why do the Water Authority need 5 trencher ? They must be getting a special deal on purchasing.
    I think that the biggest State in the USA don’t have that many . Or is this why water is so expensive in the Cayman Islands ? To pay for all those expensive trenchers .

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