A recent Walk-For-A-Cause-Thon raised $4,000 for the Cayman Islands Hospital’s children’s ward.

Students at Just for Kids Preschool in Prospect presented the check to Pediatric Department head Dr. Earl Robinson and Health Services Authority Chief Executive Officer Lizzette Yearwood at the school last Friday. Dr. Robinson said as clinical head of the pediatric unit he is always delighted when there are donations such as this, specifically just for children.

“Just thinking of others is really a quality that is instilled at a very young age in the children,” he said.

“The hospital continues to be very grateful to Just for Kids Preschool every year … they do sponsored walks and they give the donations to the pediatric ward unit,” said Ms. Yearwood.

“I think this is a great mentorship that Ms. (Evelyn) Rockett and staff are doing for the kids to teach them from a very young age to give back to the community,” she said.

Parents, students and teachers sponsored the walk, with the proceeds going toward fulfilling needs the pediatric ward may have, according to Ms. Rockett, owner of the preschool.

She said for the past four years the school has carried out the walk-for a-cause-thon, which was started at the school by the late Wendy Quinland. The walks are now dedicated to her memory.

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