OfReg application process now online

The application process for the utility regulation and competition office (OfReg) is going digital.

OfReg announced Tuesday that applicants for an operating permit for sites/locations or vehicles that handle dangerous substances in aggregate quantities of 250 imperial gallons or more can now file applications online at www.ofreg.ky under the Petroleum Inspectorate Portal.

Applications must be completed and submitted by June 15.

The permit is required under Section 4 of the Dangerous Substances Handling and Storage Law of 2003, which states that the owner or operator of a premises or vehicle to which the law relates shall not operate without a valid operating permit.

Duke Munroe, director and chief inspector of OfReg’s Fuels Market division, said in a press release, “In an effort to improve our efficiency, we have made the application process web-based which requires applicants to fill the forms and return same to the Office either electronically, by post or by hand, accompanied by the requisite fees.

“The OfReg Fuels Technical Review Team will then review the submission, which may include an inspection of the site or vehicle. The application will then be forwarded for consideration by the Board. Permits will also be issued electronically, but must be printed and displayed at the regulated premises or in the permitted vehicles.”

For more information, call OfReg at 946-4282 or email [email protected]

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