A Year 5 teacher at East End Primary School, who was removed from the classroom a month ago, has returned to the school.

The school was shut down for two days, Nov. 9 and 10, when parents protested that an assistant teacher was running the class in the regular teacher’s absence. The parents demanded a qualified teacher for the class. A credentialed teacher was placed in the class on Nov. 14 and students went back to school.

Ministry of Education officials confirmed Monday that the teacher who had been removed returned to take over the Year 5 class on Thursday, Nov. 16.

An incident involving the teacher had originally been referred to Family Protection Services and subsequently to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

In a statement, the education ministry said, “The police investigation … concluded that the incident can be dealt with by words of advice and does not meet the criminal threshold.”

Parent Kenia McFarland, 30, said children at the school were excited to have the regular teacher back.

“They got into the parking lot, they saw his car and they were running looking for him. It was like bringing Christmas to school,” Ms. McFarland said Thursday.

Her Year 2 daughter is not in the teacher’s class, but was still happy about the return.

“She said, ‘Christmas is right around the corner so we can go caroling and have Santa Claus,’” Ms. McFarland said. The teacher, she added, “organizes all that stuff, like Santa Claus coming to the school and bringing Christmas presents.”

Parents are pleased as well, she said, not only because the teacher is back, but also because they feel they made a difference in the process. She encouraged other parents to be more active.

“If it’s a situation that happens to other parents in other schools, don’t be afraid,” Ms. McFarland said. “Come together and unite so your voices are heard. Our voices were heard and we’re satisfied.”

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