Some progress on longstanding issues

An Oxitec employee releases GM mosquitoes in West Bay in late July. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

I notice that speed limit signs are now being erected throughout the district of West Bay. However there is still a lot of speeding going on and I believe that it could be due to the lack of speed limit signs, as I mentioned in previous letters.

I also notice that something is finally being done at Centennial Park next to the library in George Town. It was in very poor condition and people could have been injured. Hopefully, there will be a covering put there to provide some shelter from the sun and the rain.

I notice that the Spotts Dock is being extended, hopefully for parking because it is very congested when the cruise ships come to that location. It is usually on rainy days that ships come there but we still do not have any covering for the thousands of tourists and others to shelter. More restrooms are needed there as well.

I would like to mention the creation and release of genetic mosquitoes. I would like to ask the Cayman Islands to refrain from this as this is in defiance of nature.

The Mosquito Research and Control Unit is supposed to be getting rid of the mosquitoes, not making and increasing the number. The MRCU had brought down the number of mosquitoes on our island a great deal since the inception of the unit, but this summer they were out in swarms, biting everyone and they were the size of house flies. We have not seen that many mosquitoes in many, many years. I would ask government not to allow the creation and release of any mosquitoes but for MRCU to continue with their other eradication processes or projects.

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I have written about the roof of the building (the old classroom/clinic) behind the West Bay Public Library/Town Hall for two or more years. This roof looks very bad and for it to be a government building is unbelievable. It should be repaired.

The tree that is lit up every Christmas should be replaced and the new one should be decorated by a professional.

There should be more garbage bins placed on our streets, and signs should be erected to prevent littering (eg., Keep West Bay Clean and Beautiful; Please Do Not Litter). The government should include in the budget funds for employing persons to help keep our streets clean. Many who are employed for two weeks at the end of the year could be working and earning money the whole year. These clean-ups should be done more frequently.

I would like drivers of vehicles on our roads to make sure their windows and windshields are of very light or no tint. I believe this would help in our fight against crime on our islands. Please drive very carefully and stop “playing” on the two-way lanes; we do not need any accidents and deaths. These roads, in my opinion, only contribute to these things happening. Instead of making more roads, the solution to traffic congestion is the importation of vehicles; maybe we should do something about that.

Please also note that “tunnels” are not necessary in Cayman and the “sunset blocker” on Seven Mile Beach road is a disgusting sight to see. What government should be concerned about is our school children. I asked for school bus stops to be erected for our children years ago but none have been put up as yet.

Dora A.E. Ebanks

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