Miracle boater still missing

Edward Hendricks Hyde, pictured above during an interview with the Compass in August 2017, went missing again in December and has not been seen since. – Photo: Alvaro Serey

A Caymanian boater who survived five weeks adrift at sea before being rescued off the coast of Mexico last year has not been found since going missing nearly six months ago.

Edward Hendricks Hyde was feared dead in July last year after he did not return from a fishing trip in his 30-foot, canoe-style boat. He was found by Mexican fishermen more than a month later, emaciated and barely conscious.

After being nursed back to health in Cayman, he told the Cayman Compass his boat had suffered engine trouble and he had drifted on the open ocean for weeks, surviving on scraps of seaweed and a shark that he was able to catch.

Mr. Hyde was reported missing again in late December last year. It was not known at the time if he was on land or at sea.

Marcel Archer, a family friend, told the Compass this week that there had been no more information on his whereabouts since then.

“His family remain hopeful of hearing something regarding his whereabouts in their attempts to maintain … a positive outlook on the situation,” he said.

Mr. Hyde told the Compass after his rescue last year that he would have no issues going back to sea, despite his ordeal.

“I’m a seaman. On the water I feel at home,” he said. “It is my playground, my workplace, my passion. I love the ocean and I want to be back out there soon.”

A Royal Cayman Islands Police Service spokesman confirmed there had been no update on Mr. Hyde’s whereabouts since he went missing in December.

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