$500,000 worth of ganja taken off streets

    Police and customs officers have seized 689 pounds of ganja in marine operations since mid-June.

    The drugs are estimated to have a street value of between $250,000 and $560,000, depending on how they were to be sold, police said.

    Seven suspects accused of bringing the drugs ashore were arrested in two operations on June 19 and June 23.

    “These latest operations are examples of how, working together, we are disrupting criminal enterprises in drug dealing, gambling and other illegal activities around the islands with increasing frequency,” Customs Collector Charles Clifford said Friday.

    On June 19, officers intercepted a boat carrying drugs near Smith Cove in George Town and arrested five men. Ganja weighing 467 pounds was recovered during the operation. One of the five men arrested has been charged and was due back in court later this week.

    On June 23, another boat carrying drugs off East End was stopped and two Bodden Town men were arrested. Another 222 pounds of ganja was recovered during that operation. Both men have since been charged with ganja importation and have appeared in court.

    “These operations are further examples of the results that can be achieved through interdepartmental cooperation,” said Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne. “We are committed to working with our partner agencies to target and prosecute those who continue to import and deal in illicit drugs, which results in all forms of criminality throughout the island.”

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