Beach clearing at Discovery Point

Equipment rolled on to Seven Mile Beach this weekend to clear sargassum seaweed from the beach in front of a condo development.

The presence of the machinery, and what appeared to be a large hole on the beach, sparked some concern from neighbors, as well as complaints to the Department of Environment and the planning department.

But the DoE says the work was approved in advance and was monitored by its staff.

Deputy Director Tim Austin said, “The Discovery Point property was issued an approval letter by DoE to use equipment to clear up algae from its beach. The property is also using this opportunity to re-grade the beach for the safety of its guests and other visitors at the site following the passage of Hurricane Michael.

“No sand is being taken off the property and neither is any being brought on to the property.”

He said conservation officers had made checks at the property over the past few days and noted the loads being hauled away were almost entirely made up of sargassum and algae.

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