Arch Automotive has launched ZÜN, a new car sharing service based on an annual membership fee for people who live and work in Camana Bay.

Arch Automotive has launched a new car-sharing service for people who live and work in Camana Bay.

Developed in partnership with Dart Labs, the new service called ZÜN uses advanced technologies to deliver the convenience of car ownership without all of the associated cost.

ZÜN’s car-sharing option for the Camana Bay community complements the Camana Bike and Better Commute programs tested by Dart Labs in 2018 with the aim of developing alternative transport options in the Cayman Islands.

Arch Automotive oversees all operational aspects of the service including customer relations, roadside and office services, and all vehicle provisioning and maintenance.

The service is based on an annual ZÜN membership fee and driving rates include fuel, maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance coverage.

Craig Arch, team leader and founder of Arch Automotive, said, “ZÜN was developed out of our desire to deliver flexible, high-quality transportation options that meet our customers’ needs.”

During the ongoing pre-release phase, the fleet of Audi A3 Sportbacks can be rented by the hour, day or week. A mobile app designed to allow 24-hour access and per-minute rental rates is in development and is expected to launch early this year.

Mr. Arch said he will fine-tune the experience according to the needs of ZÜN subscribers. With currently four ZÜN cars available, Mr. Arch said, he is eager to understand precisely the reasons members borrow cars and how the service can be further enhanced.

“What we are launching in 2019 will be the first version of a dynamic car share service,” he said. “The feedback so far from our early users has been very positive and the launch of the mobile app will add another level of convenience to this service.”

Dart Labs Manager of Business Innovations Paul Henry said the new car sharing service is adding transportation flexibility for people living and working in Camana Bay.

“ZÜN is the latest in a suite of alternative transportation options developed to make people’s lives easier, lessen our environmental impact, reduce our collective dependence on cars, and free up much-needed space on our roads and in our parking lots,” Mr. Henry said.

“ZÜN gives users the convenience of having a car when they need one and frees them to utilize other transportation options, such as cycling or carpooling, for their daily commute.”

Last year Dart Labs started a bike share service at Camana Bay.

Eligible users can register for ZÜN on the service’s website

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