Takeout diners could soon order a beer with their pizza. Gino’s Pizzeria on West Bay Road wants to make alcohol part of its home delivery service and has applied for a liquor license for its vehicle.

Lawyers acting for the company appeared before the Liquor Licensing Board at its quarterly session Friday to make the case for such deliveries. Cline Glidden, representing Gino’s, said the aim was simply to offer customers the option of ordering a six pack of beer, for example, with their takeaway order.

Grocery store McRuss was also before the board Friday, seeking a liquor license for its Prospect store. McRuss already sells beer, wine and spirits at its George Town location and is looking to offer the same option, seven days a week, at its original location on Shamrock Road.

Since the lifting of a moratorium on the granting of new liquor licenses, and the clarification of the law on Sunday opening, several convenience stores have been granted licenses to sell liquor, including on Sundays. The law still restricts larger supermarkets from selling alcohol.

Representatives of Mojo Sushi in the Bayshore Mall in George Town are also applying for a liquor license.

“Thirty percent of Mojo’s cruise ship clientele leave the premises as soon as they realize that they don’t sell alcohol and nighttime business is almost non-existent,” said Mitchell Welds, who spoke for the applicants at the meeting. Mr. Welds was chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board until January 2016.

Mojo, which is in the same plaza as the Creperie and Lucky Slice pizza, makes an average of $2.50 from every cruise ship passenger, according to its owners. They believe by offering alcohol they can increase that amount and take advantage of the surge in arrivals in town.

Also before the board Friday was Michael Gardner, who operates a mobile disc jockey service known as Desert Eagle Sound from a sound system in his van. He is seeking a liquor license to sell alcohol from the vehicle at events.

The board also considered applications from Treats restaurant, which wants to revive its liquor license as it continues to reboot its operations after reopening following a fire, and The Brew Hut, which will be opening at the renovated airport later this year.

Representatives of ShopRight convenience stores also appeared to seek a liquor license for its new location on Walkers Road and a soon-to-open store in East End, next to the new Health City apartments.

The liquor board adjourned its public meeting Friday afternoon to deliberate on the applications.

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