This is definitely the time of year for carnival. Believe it or not, the streets of Cayman will once again come alive with colour this weekend when the CayMas Carnival bands strut their stuff.

There are lots of activites and entertainment on the agenda. By Friday, revellers will have already got into the spirit with the Happy Parrot Block Party the night before at Lillie’s.

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If you want to know where all the action is, take a look at the schedule below.


‘Duck Work’

  • Venue: RPBC (Royal Palms)
  • 2-10pm

If, like us, you have been scratching your head wondering what ducks could possibly have to do with CayMas, we think we have it figured out. The event starts at 2pm on work day, so we figure it means you are to ‘duck’ work to get there at the beginning. Let’s leave it at that.

Royal Palms Beach Club is the perfect hangout for starting the weekend early, and if you want to party like a rock star, you can reserve a private VIP cabana which includes four tickets, a bottle of booze and party favours. Worth it for US$300.

Regular tickets are US$35 per person and can only be bought online at


  • Venue: Cayman Cabana
  • 4-10pm

Is this like playing hookie from work but spelled differently, or is Huukie a whole funky thing we don’t know about? If you are eager to learn more and crack the code, head to Cayman Cabana in George Town for some terrific party vibes from 4pm onwards.

This is an Iconz-endorsed event, one of the mas bands parading on Saturday.

Tickets are $20 pre-sold or $25 at the door. Buy online at or

‘Flaunt Bubble Up Foam Wet Fete’

  • Venue: Seven Mile Public Beach
  • 5pm to 2am

For anyone who didn’t manage to sneak out of work early, never fear – you can go straight from the office into a foam party on the beach. Awesome DJs like DJ Lin and Rocksteady mixed with 15,000 gallons of water and suds equals nonstop fun for hours. Drinks are 2-for-1 with $14 buckets of beer.

This is a free admission event.


‘CayMas Parade’

  • Venue: George Town to Seven Mile Public Beach
  • 12:30-5:30pm

Whether you are part of the parade or just a member of the crowd cheering it on, there will be no way to avoid being swept up in the festival as it winds its way from South Church Street to Seven Mile Public Beach. Kalabbra leads the pack, followed by Q. Movement, Hurley’s Group, Chicken Run Intl, Renegade Mas, Iconz, Pirate’s Week Group and finally, Swanky Intl.

Pick a spot somewhere along the route to watch the party!

‘Swanky AfterMas’

  • Venue: Seven Mile Public Beach
  • 5:30pm to midnight

Once the parade is done and the sun starts to set, it is time to ramp up.

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