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Gay Pride organiser calls foul over alleged CayMAS breaches

Cayman LGBTQ Foundation president Noel Cayasso-Smith claims authorities turned a blind eye to breaches of COVID-19 restrictions during Saturday’s CayMAS parade, saying the rules were much more strictly enforced for the Gay Pride Parade he organised a week earlier.

CayMAS braves heat to parade

One could imagine that musical artist Arrow’s 1983 hit song ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’ had been inspired by a Caribbean Carnival summer parade, after CayMAS hit the road on Saturday afternoon.

CayMAS revs up for carnival weekend

What with Cayman Pride last weekend and CayMAS hitting the streets this Saturday, 7 Aug., it seems that colourful parades are very much in...

Headed for the road: Gov’t approves CayMAS street parade

CayMAS will be heading for the road on Saturday, 7 Aug., CayMAS chairman Craig Frederick confirmed.

Carnival organisations promise two lively weekends

With the recent further relaxing of COVID regulations, the organisers of CayMAS and Batabano are each planning a weekend of revelry. The first will be...

CayMAS goes offroad and online Saturday

Usually, at this time of the year, revellers all bedecked and bejewelled in stunning costumes would be dancing their way down Cayman’s streets to...
Batabano and CayMAS revellers hit the virtual road

Carnivals to hit the virtual road

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced organisers of the 37th annual Batabano parade and CayMAS to turn to creative means, like virtual events, to keep the carnival spirit going.

Carnival road closures pending

Applications for road closures for Cayman’s new carnival events have not yet been sent to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service for approval.

One carnival, two parades

Cayman’s plan for a single carnival parade has now reverted to two separate events.

Swanky International Band Launch

If you want to capture all the colours of nature, you can walk the Mastic Trail, visit the QEII Botanic Park, scuba dive one...

No road closures granted yet for carnivals

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne has said he is yet to give road closure permission to Batabano and CayMAS.

Clash of the Carnivals

A division within the local carnival community has flared up again as CayMAS organisers rejected government’s carnival dates, maintaining that the Discovery Day (14-18 May) weekend is the best option for Cayman.

CayMas draws lively crowd for parade

Hundreds of people hit the streets on Saturday for round two of the territory’s carnival celebrations.

Street closures for CayMAS Carnival

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service issued an advisory Thursday regarding road closures that will take place on 18 May to facilitate the CayMAS Carnival Street Parade.

CayMas takes to the streets this weekend

This is definitely the time of year for carnival. Believe it or not, the streets of Cayman will once again come alive with colour this weekend when the CayMas Carnival bands strut their stuff.

EDITORIAL – A welcome reunion of Batabano and CayMAS celebrations

Batabano and CayMAS will both be held on the second weekend of May next year. One after the other, they will follow the same parade route before branching off into separate parties, government has announced.

EDITORIAL – A welcome reunion of Batabano and CayMAS

But by far the most exciting announcement this season has been that next year Batabano and CayMAS will be held on the same day, in one combined event.

Rival carnivals to merge in 2020

Next year, instead of two separate carnivals staged a couple of weeks apart, the Batabano and CayMAS parades will be held on the same day, the government announced on Friday.

EDITORIAL – What we’re watching out for in 2019

As a rule, Compass editors are cautious about indulging in the temptation of attempted prognostication. However, there are some issues and themes, classified as “in progress” or “recurring,” that we expect to find ourselves writing about in the coming year.

Carnival events remain divided

Recent efforts to recombine Cayman’s Carnival events appear to have failed for now.

Take two as carnival dancers return to Cayman

Exotic costumes, colorful floats and a party atmosphere – it must be carnival time in Cayman.

CayMAS Carnival weekend is here!

Batabano took to the streets on May 5, and now CayMAS is ready to bring the Carnival to Cayman two weeks later.

CayMAS Carnival 2017

CayMAS Carnival 2017 video

CayMAS Carnival celebrates inaugural fest

Just when you thought carnival time was done, there is one more weekend to go. CayMAS, a new festival of mas bands, brings a schedule of musical and parade events to Cayman this weekend.

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