Solar carport planned for government centre

A new carport topped with solar panels will soon be supplying a portion of the power used by the Government Administration Building in George Town.

The Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure is analysing bids for the structure, which is planned for the parking area behind the government centre. Specifications call for the solar array to generate 100 kilowatt hours of electricity, between 5% and 10% of the building’s needs.

In an email response to questions, officials declined to provide an estimate on the cost of the project. It is expected to be completed within six months of the bid award.

Ministry officials told the Compass that the 100 kW system corresponds to the “maximum allowed by the Caribbean Utilities Company for commercial building”. The electricity will feed directly into the power grid as part of the customer-owned renewable energy programme, known as CORE.

The project is the first for the government under CORE. Several more are expected to follow.

“There are other proposed projects planned by other government entities,” officials said, although they provided no details. In line with the National Energy Policy, which calls for 70% of all power in the Cayman Islands to be generated by renewable sources by 2037, officials said the government “anticipates utilising renewable technologies where possible in the future”.

Other such projects are anticipated.

“In a case of leading by example, the government plans for installations of charging infrastructure at town halls, civic centres and other government buildings,” officials said.