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OfReg seeks proposals for solar energy value study

OfReg, Cayman’s utility regulator, is commissioning a study on the value of solar energy to the Cayman Islands.
The Caribbean Utilities Company

CUC partners with Electriq Power in residential battery storage project

Electriq will supply 10 homes in Grand Cayman with its PowerPod energy storage system to showcase the technology.

Engage Cayman residents about embracing renewable energy

As an occasional visitor to your islands, I follow your excellent newspaper and applaud continued coverage of renewables and their inclusion in a national...

The bottlenecks to growing renewable energy in Cayman

The goals to introduce renewables into Cayman’s energy mix are lofty but progress is slow.

Renewable energy offers huge jobs potential for post-COVID Cayman

A genuine commitment to renewable energy could help drive a green jobs revolution as Cayman seeks to kickstart the economy in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, industry leaders believe.

Cayman solar company powering Bahamas relief effort

A Cayman Islands renewable energy company has been working in the Bahamas to provide emergency power to field hospitals in remote areas.
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Solar carport planned for government centre

A new carport topped with solar panels will soon be supplying a portion of the power used by the Government Administration Building in George Town.

CUC will buy more renewable energy, but pay lower rates

The amount of renewable energy the Caribbean Utilities Company can purchase from residences and businesses has been increased, but the rates CUC will pay for that energy has been lowered.

CUC to move away from diesel energy

Cayman’s power provider, the Caribbean Utilities Company, announced this week that the Utility Regulation and Competition Office has accepted its Integrated Resource Plan, a 125-page report that sets out a nearly three-decade road map for the territory to transition from mostly fossil fuels to more sources of renewable energy.

Renewable energy company disputes OfReg over pricing

The renewable energy company Cayman OTI released a statement on Thursday disputing the characterization by the Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) that a proposed floating power plant in North Side would not produce energy at a reasonable price.

Electric future: CUC plans radical shake-up of energy sources

Cayman’s energy market will need to see a radical transformation over the next two decades to meet the ambitious goals outlined in the first National Energy Policy passed last year.

OTEC compliments Cayman on renewable future

OTEC International LLC, through its subsidiary Cayman OTI, has lauded the Cayman Islands for the country’s efforts to move toward a more sustainable future.

Berger: Could Puerto Rico be a model for energy independence?

As Puerto Rico emerges from the darkness, its uneven recovery is shining a light on a challenge that will shape the future of electricity across the United States.

EDITORIAL – Putting Cayman’s energy into the ‘green movement’

The government’s goal of generating 70 percent of our islands’ electricity from renewable sources within the next two decades involves two important “ecos”: the ecology and the economy.

Cayman company brings renewable energy to Antigua

A Cayman Islands solar company has signed a US$20 million deal to bring renewable energy to a small Caribbean island. The catch is, it’s not Grand Cayman.

Solar farm testing: ‘Here comes the sun’

The long-awaited opening of Cayman’s first utility-scale solar electricity operation and non-Caribbean Utilities Company power source will take place June 20.

CUC suspends CORE renewable energy program

The Caribbean Utilities Company has suspended its private power-generation program for residential and business customers.

Cayman to host transitional energy conference

Ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau and entrepreneur Richard Branson will be the keynote speakers at the Caribbean Transitional Energy Conference at the Kimpton Seafire Resort in May.

How to cut electricity costs

To replace a 40-megawatt diesel generator, you must have an equivalent, reliable amount of sustainable generation that produces 40 megawatts of power continuously for many, many years. That is when costs for electricity will come down.

Energy report seeks 70 percent renewables in 20 years

A proposed national energy policy, released by government this week, seeks to have 70 percent of all Cayman’s energy generated by renewable sources in 20 years, and moving toward 100 percent sooner if possible.

CUC unveils new diesel generators, urges caution on renewables

The Caribbean Utilities Company has unveiled its new US$85 million diesel generators as demand for electricity in the Cayman Islands soars to record levels.

Cayman Islands could join Branson’s energy challenge

The Cayman Islands government is in discussions with Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room initiative to make Cayman part of the “Ten Island Challenge,” which seeks to help small islands move away from fossil fuels.

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s quest for renewable energy sources

Last week, Cayman took important steps on its journey to integrate renewable energy into our current fossil-fuel-only model.

Cap lifted, prices lowered on renewable energy program

Caribbean Utilities Company has raised the cap on its program that allows individuals to produce their own renewable energy, but has lowered the price it pays for the power.

Connolly: Cayman could go 100 percent renewable

Independent legislator Winston Connolly is calling on government to establish a national energy policy that sets a target of 100 percent renewables by 2035.

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