Engage Cayman residents about embracing renewable energy

As an occasional visitor to your islands, I follow your excellent newspaper and applaud continued coverage of renewables and their inclusion in a national programme to expand on the use of solar power and other technologies to reduce use of petroleum hydrocarbons. I work in areas related to programmes to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. 

These discussions should not only be about choice of technologies and essential good quality job creation. Solar farms require a lot of precious space as your report indicates. Wind turbines kill birds (there are ‘bird safe’ technologies) and bats but wind also presents challenges to airport radar.

One communication approach to move matters on action and potential employment related to reduction of greenhouse emissions and impacts would be to engage Cayman residents in their particular communities (for example, condo complexes) with a planning spreadsheet. Later, this could be expanded into a community planning tool with inputs to the software from communities. This  approach would require some funding for assistants resident in the Cayman Islands

Technology used elsewhere has been considered for modification and application in tropical locations and this approach could involve Caymanian owners investing, as they have done with rooftop solar panels, in short-listed systems for their properties.

Alan Carter

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