Police use pepper spray to subdue speeder

A 23‑year-old George Town man was arrested early Sunday morning after speeding past a police patrol and then crashing his car in a single-vehicle accident on Yacht Drive. When the man resisted arrest, officers used pepper spray to subdue him.

The man was arrested on suspicion of DUI, dangerous driving, resisting arrest and assaulting police but is currently out on bail.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers were conducting patrols on West Bay Road near Government House at around 1am Sunday when they observed a vehicle travelling at high speed towards West Bay.

Officers attempted to follow the vehicle but discontinued due to the car’s rate of speed. Minutes later, they came upon a single-car crash on Yacht Drive, just off the Yacht Club roundabout.

The officers determined that the vehicle in the accident was the same one they had observed on West Bay Road. They spoke to the driver of the vehicle and detected the strong scent of alcohol on his breath, and he was tested and found to have a blood-alcohol level of .131%.

Officers attempted to arrest him, but he resisted, sparking a struggle. The officers used pepper spray to subdue him and were eventually able to take him into custody. One of the officers received minor injuries during the scuffle, and both the officer and the driver were treated at hospital.