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Police use pepper spray to subdue speeder

A 23‑year-old George Town man was arrested early Sunday morning after speeding past a police patrol and then crashing his car in a single-vehicle accident on Yacht Drive. When the man resisted arrest, officers used pepper spray to subdue him.

Call for pepper spray to be legalised

Cayman Islands residents should be allowed to carry pepper spray or similar weapons for self-defence, according to North Side legislator Ezzard Miller.

Woman reports bag stolen, assaults police

Police used pepper spray to subdue an intoxicated woman at a Cayman Brac bar after they responded to a report of her bag being stolen.

Light agenda for Cayman Brac Legislative Assembly session

A relatively light legislative agenda is expected when Cayman Islands lawmakers head to the Brac next week.

Firearms trial to be held in Cayman Brac

A judge on Grand Cayman agreed last week to a request to have a trial of a Cayman Brac man held on the Brac in October.

Police use pepper spray on Cuban migrant

One Cuban migrant was hospitalized and several others reported being sickened after they inhaled pepper spray that was used by police to help quell a disturbance at Bodden Town’s community center Tuesday.

Immigration officer not guilty of pepper spray charge

An immigration officer was found not guilty on Monday after a four-day trial on a charge of aiding and abetting the possession of a prohibited weapon.

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