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Make It Stop! Traffic woes continue

It’s a financial problem. Successive governments have failed to adequately invest in our infrastructure.
– Brian Tomlinson

Why not spend money on this instead of a cruise port that very few ordinary folk actually need. Electric/solar powered light rail line from East End to George Town.
– Keith Millar

GCM needs a REAL public transit system, not those minibuses, but real natural gas powered buses with set routes and times. I get wanting a personal vehicle for errands and off-hours needs, but this is ridiculous!!!
– Michele Willey Irwin

19 Dec. set for referendum vote

The 19th of December is fine with some people BECAUSE they do not realise the government’s plan. That a lot of voters will be off island due to it being six days before Christmas.
– Brian Bodden

The busiest time of the year to get a day off and so many people off island … no respect for the people.
– Ellen Cuylaerts

Issues: Sargassum in the Caribbean

At least it covers up all the rubbish always on the beach in Bodden Town.
– Steve Kro

Dr. Krishna Mani dies

Our condolences. Dr. Mani was a great man. He did so much for the community.
– Suzie Smith

Dr Mani was a lovely person, very generous, funny, compassionate and absolutely loved the Cayman Islands. I will miss our chats in his office and at Kirk’s.
– Christine Maltman