More than 6,500 more vehicles were added to Cayman’s roads in 2019, fuelling unprecedented traffic congestion in the territory.

A record 42,728 cars, trucks and motorbikes passed inspection and were legally cleared to drive last year, compared with 36,194 vehicles in 2018.

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The data from the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing does not include unlicensed vehicles.

The previous highest number was just less than 40,000 vehicles in 2015. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the figures track closely with population growth.

The Cayman Compass reported in November that just over 3,000 additional work permits had been granted in the previous 10 months.

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Starting today, we will be taking an in-depth look at the causes, consequences and solutions behind the numbers.

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  1. Dear CC Editors,
    If we think that the traffic in 2019 was heavier
    What do you think the traffic is going to
    Be like with the advent of the new ship terminal?
    We are jam packed when ships are in now. With the bigger ships it will be brought to grid lock stand still.

  2. Cayman… you are literally killing yourself… shame on you! The increase in tourism and population is literally removing the island from itself…You must restrict for the sake of your heritage, not expand for the almighty dollar…. in the long rum you will be FAR better off.