More evacuation flights needed for Europeans

I’m an Italian guy that lost his job on the island because of the COVID-19 emergency.

I would like to report that, according to what the premier said, me, my girlfriend and other persons in our same condition want to leave the island; the problem is there are no flights to do this.

There are at least two flights per day from Miami or Toronto to Europe, but there isn’t any plan from Cayman Airways or government to reopen this route (temporarily, just outbound and just to people that need to leave). 

They organised a flight to Miami Wednesday for Friday, with just 100 seats available, and the call centre is always busy; it’s a good purpose but I think it’s not good enough. 

With a schedule of two flights per week to Miami [under] the above-mentioned condition, I think that most of the European people that want to leave, can do it, and they could also book the flight properly and not inundate the call centre that in 24 hours has to reply to thousands of calls. They can also plan and organise (with papers and vaccines) their pet evacuation that in this time is very hard.

Another point is obviously that the price of the flight from Miami is different if you book it 36 hours in advance instead of two weeks.

This is just my thought and my suggestion to make evacuation more functional and smooth.

Antonio Calo

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