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Cayman Airways adds 2 new Miami flights in June

Cayman Airways has added two extra flights between Grand Cayman and Miami this month, due to increased demand.

Additional BA flights for July and August confirmed

Government has confirmed two additional British Airways flights to meet increased demand during the summer.

Cayman Airways adding more Miami and Kingston flights

Cayman Airways has announced it is increasing the frequency of its Miami and Kingston flights, as it confirmed its travel schedule for July.

BA flights confirmed, gov’t asks for two more

British Airways has confirmed its fortnightly schedule of flights up until 23 Sept., and the Cayman Islands Ministry of Tourism is now requesting two additional flights be added in July and August.

Gov’t warns about ‘ghost flights’, outlines proposed BA schedule

The Cayman Islands government today released proposed dates for upcoming fortnightly British Airways repatriation flights until 23 Sept., while warning residents and visitors to avoid booking non-existent 'ghost flights' advertised on airline websites.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

No change to Cayman Airways May flight schedule

Cayman Airways has released its repatriation flight schedule for May, which includes two flights a weeks to and from Miami, one flight every Friday to and from Kingston and two flights a month to and from La Ceiba.

BA clarifies pre-flight COVID test requirements

Passengers who were barred from boarding a British Airways flight to London last month were mistakenly prevented from flying because check-in staff did not have updated information about pre-flight testing, an airline spokesperson has said.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways schedules 2 Cuba repatriation flights

Cayman Airways has scheduled two repatriation flights to Havana, Cuba, in the coming weeks, the airline announced Wednesday.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways confirms three months of repatriation flights

Cayman Airways on Thursday released its schedule of repatriation flights to and from the US, Jamaica and Honduras for November, December and January.

Cayman Airways adds more flights to Miami, Kingston

Cayman Airways announced on Tuesday that it would be adding an extra flight to Kingston, Jamaica, this month, and three new flights to Miami, Florida, in October.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways announces new repatriation flight schedule

Cayman Airways today announced confirmation of its updated repatriation flight schedule for travel in September and October from Grand Cayman.

Gov’t to keep border closed till October

Government has extended Cayman's border closures to 1 Oct. citing the continuing spread of COVID-19, particularly in the United States.

Latest repatriation flight takes Philippine nationals home

A British Airways flight is set to depart Grand Cayman this afternoon to repatriate Philippines nationals to their home country.

Second Noah’s Ark flight takes to the skies

The second Noah’s Ark Project flight departed for Toronto from the Owen Roberts International Airport on Monday morning taking with it a number of rescue animals and families to Canada.

Breakthrough on evacuation flight for stranded Indian community

The Governor’s Office believes it has made a breakthrough that could allow hundreds of stranded Indian nationals to return to their home country in early July.

Passengers arriving in UK must self-isolate for 2 weeks

Passengers travelling to the United Kingdom on next week's British Airways evacuation flight will have to self-isolate for 14 days after they land.

Passengers shocked by conditions on exit flights

Passengers on the British Airways evacuation flight out of Grand Cayman last week say they were stunned at the lack of social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures on board.
Governor Martyn Roper

Roper: Repatriation flights ‘challenging’

Governor Martyn Roper has said Cayman’s hands remain tied when it comes to assisting many unemployed foreign workers, especially Indian nationals who are seeking a route back to their home country.

More evacuation flights needed for Europeans

I’m an Italian guy that lost his job on the island because of the COVID-19 emergency. I would like to report that, according to what...

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