Three pregnant women among those who beat COVID-19

Asymptomatic trend continues

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee. – Photo: GIS

Three pregnant women were among Cayman’s positive COVID-19 cases, according to statistical data released by Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee last week.

The women have since fully recovered from coronavirus. They are among the 115 who have recovered. As of Friday, Cayman had 187 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Lee, responding to queries from the Cayman Compass on noticeable trends in Cayman’s COVID-19 cases, said that the pregnant women who tested positive did not require any special monitoring other than for the virus.

The majority of Cayman’s COVID-19 cases continue to be asymptomatic. Of the current 71 active cases, 68 have no symptoms. Lee said on Friday that of the three who are symptomatic, one has been hospitalised.

Lee, addressing local cases at Tuesday’s COVID-19 briefing, said though there continues to be new positive cases, the fact that so few people had symptoms suggested the virus was “burning itself out”.

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“Every day since the end of April, all of those people that have come forward, bar possibly one, have not had symptoms; we must assume they have been asymptomatic or had such mild symptoms that it didn’t stick in their memory,” he said.

Lee added that in the vast majority of those cases, contact tracing had shown the virus was spread by asymptomatic patients.

Cayman has only recorded one death since the crisis touched local shores – a cruise ship tourist who was initially hospitalised following a heart attack.

Lee was unable to provide a breakdown of cases by socio-economic standing. He added that it was difficult to look at trends by ethnicity in Cayman, nor is it a categorisation Public Health officials are looking at.

Premier Alden McLaughlin has said Cayman is actively “hunting” for the virus through government’s expanded screening programme which had uncovered more cases, most of which displayed no symptoms.

Coronavirus is in the community, evidenced by the several cases which have turned up with no travel history, but based on the numbers and local trends, Lee said people returning from travel overseas are far more likely to test positive for COVID-19.

“Of those who have tested positive, the following accompanying conditions were seen with decreasing frequency, respectively: hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy, chronic lung disease, cardiac disease, malignancy, chronic neurological or neuromuscular disease, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s, BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and arthritis,” he said.

While Lee said Cayman is not testing to identify the strain of the virus found here, he did note the Public Health Department has knowledge of the countries from where patients have arrived and who had tested positive.

As a matter of government policy, Lee said a breakdown of cases by district in Cayman will not be released, mainly due to the small size of communities and the possibility that patients could be easily identified.

Based on the latest figures, more men have contracted the virus than women, with 54% of the cases being male and 46% female.

Lee said the mean ages for those who tested positive is 38.7 for women and 42.8 for men.

The overall age range for the virus locally is between 9 and 85.

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