Man alleges wife and daughter beat him in swimming pool

A 79-year-old Cayman Brac man told a Grand Court jury he had to fight and then flee for his life, after he was allegedly beaten by his daughter and wife with a meat tenderiser and a PVC pipe.

Taking to the witness box on Thursday, 20 Aug., Brently Lazzari said that on 31 March last year, he was swimming in his backyard pool when he was struck on the top of his head.

“When I felt the blow, it turned my head to the side and I could see Carley Lynn [his daughter] standing right next to me,” said Lazzari. “Attached to her hand was a meat tenderiser, I noticed it was attached to her wrist… so when she moved her hand it would hit me.”

He told the jury of six women and one man that the attack took him by surprise, and he raised his hand to protect himself.

“I then grabbed her hand; we began to sway back and forth in the pool,” said Lazzari. “She continued to hit me in my head and so I tried to leave the pool. That’s when Carol Ann [his wife] came into the pool.”

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He added, “I tried to get out of the pool, but they both kept pulling me back in, and tried to push me under the water while [my daughter] kept hitting me in the head. That’s when I noticed that I was bleeding and there was a lot of blood.”

Lazzari said he was eventually able to free himself, and got out of the pool, only to be cornered again a short distance away.

“I got out and headed for the pool house,” he said. “I thought I had gotten out before them, but by the time I got to the pool house, Carley was already there and she had a PVC pipe in her hand.”

The court heard that Lazzari also grabbed a pipe and began defending himself. He said that while he continued to struggle with his daughter, his wife approached him from behind and he had to defend himself from both of them.

Lazzari said he was able to escape and make his way to an office on the property, locked himself in and called the police.

He said that, prior to the alleged attack, he and his wife were separated, but they were living in different parts of the same premises. Lazzari told the jury he had grown apart from his wife, 68, and daughter, 28, but they were still cordial towards each other.

Carol Ann and Carley Lynn Lazzari have each been charged with one count of wounding with intent, and grievous bodily harm. They both deny the charges and the trial continues.

Alex Davis represents Carol Ann Lazzari, and Greg Burke represents Carley Lynn Lazzari.

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