21 people in 2021: Sara Jan

Sara Jan

While the Cayman 2.0 series has thus far been looking at the ideas and strategies that could make the country a better place, we changed things up for December. We’re highlighting 21 people who could turn some of those ideas into reality – or at least get the ball rolling – over the next calendar year.

People are at the heart of everything that Sara Jan and her business partner Karen Kersey do.

The duo run Kerage Un Limited (pronounced ‘courage unlimited’), which is an organisational growth and design company.

Simply put, they offer programmes and tools designed to deliver consulting, training and coaching solutions for leaders and teams, to ensure their clients are set up to grow. 

And it is the territory’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic that has resonated most with Kerage, allowing Jan and Kersey to strengthen their own vision in line with that of the Cayman Islands’ position.

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21 people in 2021

James Whittaker
• Rachel Smyth
• Andre Gooden
• Adam Sax
• Marc Langevin
• Louisa Sax
• Dr. Marc Lockhart
• Lauren Nelson
• Jordan Stubblefield
• Brandon Caruana
• Josephine Horwitz
• Juliet Austin
• Stacy McAfee
• Blair Lilford
Mike Mannisto
Sergio Coni
• Jason Washington
• Denise Powers

“We are so proud of how Cayman has moved through this pandemic with a focus on people first,” said Jan. “That’s how we love [doing] business, so it really resonates with us.”

At the start of the crisis, they were concerned, as professional development budgets are often the first to be slashed in tough times.

“With that in mind, we made client care a priority, made some cuts in expenses, and got focussed on planning contingencies for the business,” said Jan. 

Luckily, many local clients asked Kerage for support during the transitions brought on by the challenges of COVID-19. Meanwhile, Jan and Kersey took the opportunity to refocus on their aim for 2021.

This includes launching the beta version of a platform to help make their services more accessible to people who want to develop further and continuously.    

“One of the great things about this platform for Cayman will be making high-quality, scalable and fun professional development accessible beyond the executive level of business,” said Jan. “We are focussed on ‘Developing the Leader in You’, meaning whoever you are and whatever you are doing, do it as the leader we know is in each of us.”

Sara Jan at a glance.

Jan and Kersey, who have clients overseas as well as on island, are happy that being an international business allows them to show off the talent that exists in Cayman.  

“The world sometimes gets a distorted perception of us based on how the country is portrayed, or was portrayed, in the media,” said Jan. “Working with clients internationally gives a real taste of the quality of talent that exists in Cayman, and that makes us very proud.”

Partnerships in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia have helped the pair keep connected with what people are experiencing globally.

“Things are so often set up in a way that unintentionally divides us, but the more we can build our skills for collaboration, confrontation and communication, the better chance we will have for understanding and appreciating the assets of different people,” said Jan. 

“Our platform is about increasing awareness, reducing judgement, and gaining empathy through shifts in perspective. Those are really important attributes for all of us in the world.”

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