21 people in 2021: Kristy Rivers

Kristy Rivers

While the Cayman 2.0 series has thus far been looking at the ideas and strategies that could make the country a better place, we changed things up for December. We’re highlighting 21 people who could turn some of those ideas into reality – or at least get the ball rolling – over the next calendar year.

The workplace is changing.

That’s evident as many businesses look for alternatives to the traditional long-term lease, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

Dart Real Estate is among those catering to companies seeking turnkey solutions, launching ‘readyspaces’ in the autumn of 2019 to meet the growing demand for quality office space.

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“Readyspaces is all about flexibility and convenience,” said Kristy Rivers, Dart vice president of business development and leasing. “Clients are rethinking the way their physical presence is serving them.”

The venture includes 25 shared office spaces at Regatta Office Park on West Bay Road. The workspaces are fully furnished with high-speed WiFi, shared kitchen, access to high-tech meeting rooms, shared copier and printing facilities, secure electronic access and around-the-clock security.

21 people in 2021

James Whittaker
• Rachel Smyth
• Andre Gooden
• Adam Sax
• Marc Langevin
• Louisa Sax
• Dr. Marc Lockhart
• Lauren Nelson
• Jordan Stubblefield
• Brandon Caruana
• Josephine Horwitz
• Juliet Austin
• Stacy McAfee
• Blair Lilford
Mike Mannisto
Sergio Coni
• Jason Washington
• Denise Powers
Sara Jan
• Colin Lumsden

Leasing terms can vary from month-to-month to quarterly and beyond. Office space is booked through an online management system. 

“It’s tremendously flexible – it’s pay to play,” said Rivers.  

And with everything from cleaning and keeping the kitchen stocked to taking care of everyday office essentials, businesses can concentrate on the task at hand. 

“They can focus on the business, and we can focus on the logistics,” said Rivers.

The pandemic has certainly put a spotlight on working life, changing how, when and where people do their jobs. 

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home mandates became the norm. But as time wore on, some people experienced remote work fatigue and even a decline in productivity.

“For major international companies, work-from-home was [standard] but that was not the case in Cayman,” said Rivers. “Cayman is such a unique place to do business. We are seeing more expansion than contraction.”

Pre-pandemic, readyspaces came into play in response to local demand and the growing need of certain offshore companies to demonstrate economic activity on island due to new legislation requiring them to establish a physical presence.

Kristy Rivers at a glance.

Along with serving offshore entities, these tailored office spaces are adaptable to the needs of a wide variety of clients, from start-ups to small businesses to the self-employed. 

For example, Dart donated a small office in readyspaces to local non-profit Acts of Random Kindness, known as ARK. It helped the organisation streamline its operations to quickly deliver relief care packages to those most in need. Before getting an office, the organisation was scrambling to manage the burgeoning number of home visits.

“Now, the community can come to them,” said Rivers.

The goal is to work with businesses long term to help them develop and grow, assisting in transitioning to workspaces that meet their changing needs.

“What we aim to do is work with clients exactly where they are, allowing them to grow organically,” said Rivers. “As businesses grow, we work with the client extensively to help them make the transition. We are the immediate ‘go-to’ when an upgrade is needed.”

(Written by Jenny Gabruch)

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