Skylar Mack: ‘I made this mistake’

A contrite Skylar Mack, who was jailed in the Cayman Islands last month for breaching quarantine, admitted she had made a mistake and that she deserved the punishment she received for putting the local community at risk.

Speaking in her first TV interview since her release on Friday, 15 Jan., the US teen told ABC’s Good Morning America, “The anger, the disappointment – it’s all justified. I deserved it all, you know. I made this mistake.”

Asked if she was aware she was breaking the law when she removed her monitoring bracelet on the morning of 29 Nov., just two days into her 14-day quarantine, Mack, 18, admitted, “It was a conscious decision,” but she could not give “any good reason for it”.

The pre-med student from Loganville, Georgia, took off her government-issued geofencing wristband and spent hours at a beach in South Sound where her boyfriend Vanjae Ramgeet, a 24-year-old professional jet-skier, was taking part in a competition.

Mack, in her interview, said if she had ended up infecting someone with the virus that day, “I would never have been able to live with myself, knowing that I could have been the reason that someone could’ve even been sick. It eats me up.”

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Several people who had come into contact with Mack and Ramgeet at the beach were placed in isolation as a precaution, but none ultimately tested positive for COVID-19. Both Mack and Ramgeet tested negative for COVID after they completed quarantine following their arrests.

Mack spent a month in Fairbanks Prison after being jailed on 15 Dec. Ramgeet was also imprisoned for his role in the quarantine breach. Both initially received a sentence of 40 hours community service, which was later increased to four months in prison after Crown prosecutors argued that the original sentence was unduly lenient. Later, Court of Appeal judges reduced the sentence to two months in prison.

After being granted pre-discharge leave by the Prison Service, both were released on 15 Jan. Mack left Grand Cayman the same day.

The teen said she knew she had made a selfish decision by leaving quarantine.

“There’s no reason I can give you to grant me a second chance,” she said. “I don’t expect anyone to ever forgive me, but I’d like for them to at least let me be able to show them that I did learn from it.”

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