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Quarantine breach case heads to court in October

Two West Bay men charged with breaching quarantine are due to make their initial Summary Court appearance next month.

Eight travellers test positive in latest COVID-19 results

Eight travellers have returned positive COVID-19 results, in tests conducted since Saturday.

George Town Primary parent investigated for quarantine breach

A George Town Primary School parent is under investigation by police, the Public Health Department and Travel Cayman for breaching quarantine.

7 alleged quarantine breaches reported over weekend

Travel Cayman, police and the Public Health Department are investigating seven suspected breaches of quarantine that were reported over the weekend.

Quarantine breaches head to court

Public Health continues to investigate how two individuals with no travel history contracted the virus, as two breach cases are expected to be heard in Summary Court during the week beginning 13 Sept.

Health minister: 52 quarantine breaches in August

Travel Cayman recorded 52 suspected breaches of quarantine last month, Health Minister Sabrina Turner said at a press briefing Wednesday.

Quarantine breaches reported to police

Travel Cayman on Saturday confirmed that a number of alleged breaches of quarantine at private residences have occurred over the past two weeks. All the infractions were reported to authorities by members of the public.

Quarantine breach under investigation

Police is investigating an alleged breach of quarantine protocols at a government facility involving a newly arrived traveller and a member of the public.

Police investigate potential quarantine breach

Police are investigating an alleged breach of quarantine between a traveller isolating in a private residence and a member of the public.

Quarantine breach after travellers get on ‘wrong transport’

The Public Health Department reported today that there is no cause for public concern after travellers isolating at their residence accidentally breached quarantine by boarding the wrong transport to take them to their final COVID test on their last day of isolation.

Quarantine breacher pleads guilty

Aaron Ronaldo Montemayor, 19, pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching quarantine regulations in Summary Court this morning.

Visiting screenwriter loses appeal against quarantine breach sentence

The Grand Court has upheld the prison sentence of Thomas Michael, a visiting screenwriter who was imprisoned for 30 days for removing a government issued wrist monitor while in quarantine.

New court date set for alleged quarantine breacher

Aaron Ronaldo Montemayor, 19, who is charged with two counts of breaching quarantine, appeared in Summary Court Monday where his case was adjourned until 24 May.

Prospect man to face court for quarantine breaches

Aaron Ronaldo Montemayor is expected to attend the Summary Court next month to answer charges of quarantine breach.

6 investigated for suspected quarantine breach

Police are investigating a suspected quarantine breach involving six people, including three travellers and three local individuals, who were allegedly found together on board a boat. 

Police investigate quarantine breach

Police are investigating an alleged quarantine breach involving a traveller isolating at home and one other person, according to a press release issued on behalf of Travel Cayman. 

Police investigate two new home quarantine breaches

Two new quarantine breaches are now being investigated by police, one of which has led to the offending travellers being moved to a supervised quarantine facility, Travel Cayman reported Wednesday.

One charged for two alleged quarantine breaches

One person has been charged with two breaches of quarantine, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service confirmed Thursday.

Governor: Quarantine breach prosecutions ‘complex’

In the wake of a fresh quarantine breach this week and a lack of convictions for the offence, since last year's high-profile sentencing of Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet, the Governor stressed it was important to let the judicial process "run its course".

New quarantine breach reported

Police are investigating another alleged quarantine breach after someone was found visiting a traveller who was isolating at home.

Police investigate Brac quarantine breach

Police are investigating an alleged quarantine breach by travellers isolating at a residence in Cayman Brac after they were found with visitors at their home.

Two new suspected quarantine breaches investigated

Police have confirmed that they are investigating two new suspected quarantine breaches, but declined to provide details of those latest incidents.

Quarantine breaches hotline launched

 A new hotline has been launched allowing the public to report suspected quarantine breaches directly to Travel Cayman.

Seventh quarantine breach investigated

A previously unreported quarantine breach alleged to have occurred more than a week ago has been investigated by police.

Travel Cayman: ‘Software error’ resulted in quarantine breach

Travel Cayman has blamed a suspected quarantine breach in Windsor Park on a software glitch after a traveller was taken to a private home instead of a government-approved isolation facility.

Three quarantine-breach cases now before DPP

Case files on three of six quarantine breaches have been sent to the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions for review.

Skylar Mack: ‘I made this mistake’

A contrite Skylar Mack, who was jailed in the Cayman Islands last month for breaching quarantine, admitted she had made a mistake and that she deserved the punishment she received for putting the local community at risk.

Mack, Ramgeet release date set

Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet - the couple jailed for their respective roles in a quarantine breach case - will be released from prison next week, according to the Governor's Office. 

Quarantine breaches remain under investigation

Four cases of alleged quarantine breaches remain under investigation by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Travel Cayman has confirmed.

Governor’s Office: Mack remains in prison

The Governor's Office, on Monday morning, called "completely untrue" a Cayman Marl Road report that quarantine breacher Skylar Mack had been released from prison and had returned to the US aboard a Miami flight.

Traveller breaches quarantine after 15 days in isolation

A traveller who breached quarantine after attending a PCR test site on the person's 15th day of isolation has been warned for intended prosecution, according to Travel Cayman.

The sentence fits the crime

Good for you Cayman! Skylar Mack knew in advance the penalties for breaking quarantine; she tampered with the electronic device to attend the ...

Sentence should have been tougher

I read about the girl from Georgia that broke quarantine to attend her boyfriend’s competition. She needs to serve two years. She has no...

Jail sentence is too harsh

Cayman’s jail sentence of the teenage girl and her boyfriend is barbaric and reeks to high heaven with contradiction and irony so heavy it...

4-month sentence was appropriate

I found the four-month prison sentence given to Ms. Skylar Mack for violating quarantine to be entirely appropriate. Actually, I find it lenient, and...

US travellers must abide by the rules

I did not know where else to write, so because of your very good reporting and written story, I believe your government was correct...

Quarantine breach penalties abroad

From small islands, like the Isle of Man and Singapore to the huge island of Australia, and even in Mack’s homeland of the United States, courts have been handing down punitive jail terms to those who put local populations at risk by ignoring quarantine rules.

Attorney: No further appeals planned for Mack, Ramgeet

No further legal action is expected from Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet, the couple who made international headlines after being sent to prison for...

Mack, Ramgeet sentences reduced to 2 months

Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet - the couple whose quarantine breach case has garnered international headlines - had their sentences reduced from four months to two months in jail.

Mack, Ramgeet return to court for appeal

Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet are back in court Tuesday to appeal the sentence handed down last week for their respective roles in a quarantine breach case that has grabbed international headlines.

Another quarantine breach file sent to DPP

Police have sent another file on a suspected quarantine breach to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to determine if the case should go to court.

Quarantine breach case makes international headlines

The quarantine breach case and subsequent four-month prison sentence of American teen Skylar Mack and boyfriend Vanjae Ramgeet has garnered international media attention.

Quarantine breach couple appealing jail sentences

Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet, who were both jailed for four months over a breach of quarantine, are appealing their sentences.

4 months for ‘selfish’, ‘arrogant’ quarantine breachers

An 18-year-old visitor and her boyfriend were each sentenced to four months in jail Tuesday for their respective roles in a quarantine-breach case that has sparked outrage across Cayman.

Quarantine-breach sentence appealed

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions on Monday appealed a Summary Court sentence for a couple who pleaded guilty to breaking COVID-19-suppression regulations.

Returning traveller breaches quarantine for the second time

A traveller who had previously breached quarantine in a government-sponsored facility is reported to have committed a second breach while quarantining at home with...

Gov’t to appeal sentences for quarantine breach

Government will be appealing the community-service sentences meted out to Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet following a quarantine breach that occurred last month, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson told Parliament Thursday.

Security bulks up following quarantine breach

The government is increasing security at one of its quarantine facilities after a person breached mandatory isolation there on Sunday, 6 Dec.

New quarantine breach case under investigation

Police are investigating an alleged breach of quarantine by a traveler who had been isolating in a government facility.

$2,600 payment ordered for quarantine costs in breach case

Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet, have both been ordered to pay $2,600 each to the Cayman Islands government, and to complete 40 hours of community service for a quarantine breach that occurred last month.

Majority of COVID-positive travellers have virus upon arrival

The majority of inbound travellers who have tested positive for COVID-19 had the virus when they landed at Owen Roberts International Airport, according to Public Health Department data.

Quarantine breach case goes to DPP

Police have sent a file on Sunday's quarantine breach to the Director of Public Prosecution to determine if a prosecution will go ahead.

No charges yet in investigation of quarantine breaches

Charges have not yet been laid on individuals flagged for alleged breaches of local quarantine protocols, Government Information Services confirmed.

Poll: Should Cayman discontinue the quarantine-at-home option?

With another report of an alleged breach of quarantine by a traveller who had been in isolation at a residence after arriving on island, concerns are being raised about the effectiveness of the isolation-at-home quarantine.

Pro jet-ski rider faces disciplinary action after quarantine breach

Local professional jet-ski rider Vanjae 'VJ' Ramgeet will be penalised following an alleged quarantine breach by his girlfriend on Sunday, the Cayman Islands Watercraft Association announced Monday.

Another quarantine breach reported

Police are investigating an alleged breach of quarantine by a traveller who had been in home isolation after arriving on island.

5 new imported COVID cases as $10K breach fine comes into effect

Legislation passed by lawmakers last month to impose $10,000 fines for breaches of COVID-19 quarantine will take effect from Monday, 30 Nov., the government has announced.

Quarantine breach pair banned; 3 other cases under investigation

A couple who breached quarantine rules have left Cayman and have been banned from returning while COVID-19 measures remain in place, authorities said Wednesday, as they announced that three other breaches are being investigated.

Inadequate penalty for quarantine breach

I was left with the information that the fine and penalty regarding quarantine breach was $10,000 and two years imprisonment, not a $1,000 fine...

Travellers fined $1,000 each for quarantine violations

Two people have been fined $1,000 each for multiple quarantine violations.

$10,000 fines approved for quarantine breaches

People who breach home-isolation regulations will face a fine of $10,000 and up to two years in prison, under new amendments to the Public Health Law.

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