Travel Cayman on Saturday confirmed that a number of alleged breaches of quarantine have occurred at private residences over the past two weeks. All the infractions were reported to authorities by members of the public.

According to a statement issued by the travel oversight agency, the alleged breaches involved people in mandatory isolation “engaging with members of the public and exchanging items in breach of Covid-19 protocols”.

Travel Cayman said all the alleged breaches were reported to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and are currently under investigation.

“In many instances individuals were placed in quarantine at the instruction of the Medical Officer of Health and were warned for intended prosecution by the RCIPS,” Travel Cayman said.

In the statement, Public Health said it would like to reassure the community that the infractions were isolated and there is no cause for public health concern.

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“We would like to thank our community who reported all of the recent breaches we investigated. As we continue with the phased reopening, engagement from the public will become more vital to our mission of keeping our Islands safe,” Travel Cayman Director Casandra Morris said.

The Cayman Islands government announced at a press briefing this week that it intends to go ahead with its reopening plan, and has moved forward its deadline for aiming to meet an 80% vaccination rate for the islands from 9 Sept. to 14 Oct. From the latter date, anyone entering Cayman with a securely verified vaccination certificate will not be required to undergo the current five-day quarantine.

Those with other vaccinations that cannot be securely verified will need to stay in quarantine for 10 days, and unvaccinated travellers will be required to isolate for 14 days.

A limited number of tourists will be allowed to enter Cayman from 9 Sept., but will be required to quarantine.

Under current COVID-19 quarantine regulations, Travel Cayman said, all deliveries, whether made by a company, friend, or family member, are required to be contactless and members of the public should immediately leave the quarantine location once they have completed their delivery.

“Also, members of the public are reminded to never accept items from a person in quarantine,” Travel Cayman said.

Anyone, whether a member of the public or the person in quarantine, found to be in breach of the mandatory quarantine provisions will be warned for intended prosecution and is liable on conviction for a fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment for up to two years, the agency pointed out.

It urged anyone who witnesses a suspected breach of COVID-19 protocols to call 943-7233 (943 SAFE) and report the following:

  • Name(s) of person(s), if known
  • Number of persons involved
  • Time and location of breach
  • Brief description of breach
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  1. Beware Cayman! Once tourists are allowed back these breeches will become far more common.

    Rules seem to mean nothing to people, integrity has gone by the wayside and common courtesy/respect has become a ‘super power’ possessed by only a few.

  2. You mention opening up Mid Oct with securely verified vaccination cards with no quarantine. Sadly most of the owners of property won’t be able to come in without quarantine as we were not vaccinated at Sams, Walmart ,or CVS , state of California or. State of LA. And we still continue to pay our employees in Cayman. We were vaccinated at a top hospital in Houston , have letters from our Dr and copies of our vaccination on My Chart. But you still refuse us. Turks snd Caicos will accept a letter from your Dr with his license number on it. I’m afraid most of the flights u say u are putting on will be empty and no tourist dollars spent.

  3. FYI….for everyone one to two breaches, hundreds comply and handle the process correctly. How about we all stop acting like its a huge problem when really less than 1% of people would break quarantine. So tired of this fear mongering and people ignoring the facts.

  4. If this continued outbreak is all attributed to ‘fear mongering’ then how do you explain the nationwide resurgence of covid, the overworked and exhausted medical staffs, the nationwide nursing shortage and the overcrowded ICU/hospitals EVERYwhere.

    Perhaps you, Brian H need to crawl out from under your rock and face the reality of this horrid situation we’re in!!