New York Excelsior Pass added to Cayman’s verifiable vaccine list

New York State's Excelsior Pass COVID-19 vaccination app is now being accepted in the Cayman Islands. - Photo: File

New York’s digital COVID-19 vaccine app, the Excelsior Pass, is now being accepted as a securely verifiable vaccination certificate in the Cayman Islands.

According to the Travel Cayman website, the pass has been added to the list of acceptable certificates in Cayman, meaning that people whose app shows they have been vaccinated will be eligible for a five-day quarantine period.

According to a 19 Aug. New York Times article, more than 3.5 million people have downloaded an Excelsior Pass, which consists of a QR code that can be stored on a smartphone or printed out. The app verifies applications against city and state vaccination records.

Other securely verifiable electronic certificates which are accepted in Cayman are:

  • Vaccination records issued by the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority;
  • United Kingdom National Health Service certificates with embedded secure features or those retrieved from the NHS mobile app or website which provides a QR code;
  • SMART Health Cards from issuers that are a part of the CommonTrust Network. This includes North American issuers, such as:
    • Walmart Pharmacy
    • Sam’s Club Pharmacy
    • State of California
    • State of Louisiana
    • UC San Diego Health
    • CVS Health
    • UC Health
  • Vaccination records from the European Union Member States and other countries that meet the EU Digital COVID Certificate standard;
  • Vaccination records from Barbados Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Officials in Cayman have said that securely verifiable vaccination certificates, with QR codes, from the above list will be accepted here for the purpose of enabling travellers to undergo the five-day quarantine.

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Travellers with other vaccination certificates which are not on the list can avail of a 10-day quarantine, while unvaccinated travellers, or vaccinated passengers travelling with children under the age of 12, are required to isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Cayman.

Digital certs in Cayman

The Cayman Islands currently only issues paper certificates to people who are vaccinated by the local Health Services Authority, but is working on making electronic certificates available.

According to a HSA spokesperson, it is expected that digital versions of the certs should be available in Cayman in mid-September.

In the meantime, the HSA is urging members of the public who have been vaccinated in Cayman to register for the online MyHSA Patient Portal in preparation for the rollout of the digital certificates.

For more information, visit

The Cayman Islands government has scheduled a COVID-19 update press conference for 3pm this afternoon, 25 Aug.

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  1. Great! So now vaccinated citizens from New York, California and Louisiana will be able to travel to Cayman and not undergo 10 days of quarantine.

    What about citizens who live in the 49 other states? Do you really think they are going to try to travel to Cayman knowing that they have to undergo 10 days of quarantine because the government has no other organization to verify their vaccinated status?

    Vaccinated citizens of the US have several ways of documenting and verifying their vaccination status such as their individual state registries. However, Cayman has deemed those unacceptable. How can you even think of opening up the country to tourism from the United States when you place the threat of quarantine on the great majority of US citizens?