4-month sentence was appropriate

I found the four-month prison sentence given to Ms. Skylar Mack for violating quarantine to be entirely appropriate. Actually, I find it lenient, and Ms Mack should be grateful. Let me add that because Mr. Ramgeet has received the same prison sentence, Ms Mack is not ‘the exception’ to the rule, despite her grandmother’s fears. From the legislation passed there, it sounds as if the Cayman Islands has taken the COVID-19 threat seriously – something that Ms Mack and Mr. Ramgeet did not.

Ms Mack, the article says, is a pre-med student. If true, she is a pre-med student without the proper concern for medical issues – like the impact of COVID-19. Surely, as an American, she’s seen the startling statistics detailing the staggering numbers left dead. Today we are approaching 320,000.

I’m a 72-year-old man living in Washington State, and my wife and I wear masks whenever we leave the house. Yes, we do this for ourselves – but we also do it for others, as well. Neither she nor I can understand the blithe indifference to the health and welfare of others demonstrated by so many, Ms. Mack among them.

I sincerely hope that Ms. Mack’s sentence will give her the time she needs to widen her perspective and sense of responsibility. She clearly needs to consider how her actions might affect those around her.

John Scannell

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