With another report of an alleged breach of quarantine by a traveller who had been in isolation at a residence after arriving on island, concerns are being raised about the effectiveness of the isolation-at-home option.

Inbound travellers to the Cayman Islands are required to remain in isolation for a minimum of 14 days at one of three quarantine locations – a government facility, a privately-run facility or an approved residence – and wear an electronic monitoring device.

Under new regulations, anyone found to be in breach of mandatory isolation will be warned for intended prosecution and are liable on conviction to a fine of $10,000 and imprisonment for two years.

On Sunday, Skylar Mack allegedly broke quarantine to attend a watercraft race event.

Last week, a couple was fined $1,000 each after pleading guilty to breaching quarantine-in-residence protocols. They have since departed Cayman and have been banned from returning to the islands while COVID-19 measures remain in place.

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And on Wednesday, 25 Nov., Travel Cayman Director Tasha Ebanks-Garcia said in a release that three other suspected breaches of quarantine were being investigated.

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  1. Perhaps instead of discontinuing the current “quarantine at home” situation we should simply increase surveillance. Train some of those who were laid off or are now at reduced hours from tourist industry related work to do paid quarantine check ins and oversight monitoring. Assign 15 or so houses per monitor. Have monitors download their surveillance data / checklist/ photos throughout their shift to a main data base to ensure that every person under quarantine is present and accounted for several times a day. Those in quarantine should have access to a phone in their homes, monitors could call at random times and ask to see faces at windows, or door entries while maintaining a safe distance. I believe there was too much reliance on responsible behaviour from those in quarantine when the “quarantine at home” option was introduced. While the vast majority were compliant, and we thank them for that, there will always be a few bad apples to spoil it for everyone else. Still, it is worth trying to preserve this system as it is more attractive for home owners from abroad (snow birds etc.) to stay in their own place and we need them to return and emerge after 15 days with an all-clear test ready to shop, go to restaurants, and participate in the community, once they are safe to do so.

  2. I really hope that just because a few idiots broke quarantine, it doesn’t wreck it for the rest of us law-abiding, rule-following citizens.

    My husband and I home-quarantined in October with absolutely no issue, along with hundreds of other incoming people. We have been in Cayman for 7 weeks, more than happy to contribute to your economy. We are going back to Canada next week for Christmas and our plan is to come right back here after Christmas. However, if we cannot quarantine in our own home, we will not be coming back, and therefore, will not be able to continue to contribute to your economy.

    Unfortunately, there are always people that aren’t going to follow the rules. That shouldn’t mean that the people who are following the rules should pay the consequences.

  3. Selfish, unthinking, people shouldn’t be allowed to spoil or alter the system for others.
    I hope the full extent of the law will be used in this recent case.
    Please continue to allow people to quarantine in their own home or a private residence.

  4. I don’t believe quarantine at home should be discontinued, but I do believe the cost of breaching Cayman’s COVID-19 protocols should be increased dramatically. Punishing innocent law abiding, community minded people because of a few arrogant, ignorant, self absorbed idiots seems to be the norm, and it needs to stop. The fine for breaching protocol should be increased to CI$100,000 per person. So if it’s a couple from Canada, they pay CI$200,000 before they are escorted off island. If they’re isolating with family members, each family member is accountable, and a breach by anyone in the household levies a fine of CI$10,000 for every other member of the household. Plus, the offender must contribute to our community, by providing a minimum of 200 hours of community service picking up trash along the roads and beaches (after they’ve been released from quarantine). And, within 72 hours of completing their community service they will provide a video apology to the residents of The Cayman Islands, describing why they thought it was a good idea to break protocol, and what they’ve learned by their mistake. I believe if the punishment is excessive, the crime would lose its’ appeal. Just a thought.

  5. More effective monitoring is needed. It should be impossible to remove the wristbands.
    People who quarantine at home should be told that we are relying on them to keep this island coronavirus free.
    If you break quarantine and are a:
    Visitor then you will be fined heavily, taken to the airport and banned from ever returning.

    If you are a work permit holder then it will be canceled. You will be fined, deported and not allowed to return.

    If you are a Caymanian or Permanent Resident you will be fined and put in prison.

  6. What is wrong with the gadget? How is it so easily tampered with? I think that it is the bigger problem.
    Those stupid people are ruining the progress that we made so far and make them pay all expenses and fine steeper than 1,000.00. They will not come forward to pay our hospital bill if we contract COVID from their carelessness.

  7. Government did a fine job at first and must be thanked. But with probable pressure on them, they opened up rather too much , And now we see signs of an undesirable near-future outlook. Both the USA and the UK have a swarm of cases and an increased number of deaths: and there are flights coming in from there. We needed to await vaccinations before lessening control. Every person I have spoken to agrees with what I have just said. Suggestion to our good leaders, please sit and watch the news from the UK and USA. Ask yourself whether you are doing the right thing or gambling with the lives of many elderly and other persons in our Islands . Thanking all concerned and the media. Bob Nunes