Travel Cayman, police and the Public Health Department are investigating seven suspected breaches of quarantine, which were reported over the weekend.

The alleged breaches came just days after three people contracted COVID-19 locally, in the first cases of community transmission of the virus in over a year.

Four of the suspected breaches took place on Saturday and three on Sunday.

Public Health, in a statement, said it had conducted investigations of this weekend’s suspected breaches and “can confirm that, at this point, there is no cause for a public health concern”.

These latest breaches are in addition to 52 reported cases from August. Twenty of those cases were serious to warrant police investigation, and two of those are due to appear before Summary Court this week.

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In a statement issued on Sunday evening, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson said, “I wish to assure the public that every report of a suspected breach is investigated by Travel Cayman, Public Heath and the RCIPS. It is clear that despite numerous warnings, a small percentage of travellers and members of the public are not taking the laws and regulations governing quarantine at residence seriously.”

He added, “I am aware that two cases concerning a breach of quarantine at residence will be in court [this] week. It may be that further cases involving quarantine breaches may come before the court in short order. It would be unfortunate if criminal prosecution is required for travellers and the wider public to take these matters seriously and abide by the quarantine restrictions in place.”

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne, in a press briefing last week, said many of the alleged breaches police are investigating do not involve people leaving quarantine, but rather friends and family visiting people isolating at their homes.

Travel Cayman is reminding those quarantining at residence that only people making contactless deliveries should visit their properties.

Casandra Morris, director of Travel Cayman, said in Sunday’s statement, “Travel Cayman continues to strengthen its policies including reorganising key resources to mitigate the potential for future incidents. We continue to fight against the spread of COVID-19, and to encourage persons in quarantine, as well as the public to adhere to our protocols and guidelines. We need everyone to do their part to keep our families, community, and the country safe”.

Morris thanked members of the public who had reported breaches.

Anyone who suspects that an individual has breached quarantine can make an anonymous report to 943-SAFE (7233) or file an online report at .

“We ask that the public refrain from sharing reports that are not factual as it hinders the work of Public Health, Travel Cayman and the RCIPS,” Morris said.

Breaches of quarantine carry a maximum penalty of $10,000 and/or a two-year prison sentence, if convicted.

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  1. Dear Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, while the breaches may not concern your perspective of public health, the majority of the public are very concerned to learn of many unbelievably selfish and ignorant people are on island, who have no care in the world to breach quarantine rules.

    While you might find it unfortunate for people to get a criminal charge for their reckless and negligent behavior, the majority of the island cannot fathom why this government and judicial system is not holding these reckless people fully accountable.

    Our government is dishing out millions a month in stipends and our businesses are loosing millions due to border closures, which most of us understand and support our fellow citizens who are struggling through. For what, so a few people can run around and do as they please.

    It’s time for our government to act – fine these breachers, they are going to cost the country millions in the long run. For the breachers who are repeat, let them quarantine on Northward a few months.

    When people start going to hospital and our relatives and friends start to pass, and they will if looking at other counties, we can look back at this soft touch approach and thank our elected officials – who hoped that they didn’t have to dish out fines or criminal sentences to the small group of quarantine breachers.

  2. This is exactly what I’ve been saying all along – too many individuals have become self centered and entitled, not to be trusted. They have no respect nor concern for fellow human beings and therefore do what they want to do regardless of whether it negatively impacts others.

    The Caymanian government should remain vigilant – protect our people and our Island please!!!