Vaccinated property owner wants to visit

My family and I have been coming to Grand Cayman for over 40 years. As a property owner (not a random tourist) and a working physician in the United States, I am incredibly frustrated by my inability to visit my home unless I quarantine for 10 days. 

This is impractical for working individuals. 

It has been over 16 months since I have been allowed on island. Despite this, my family continues to financially support those Caymanians who tend our property (even though there is little to do) so that they can provide for their families during this pandemic.

I have been fully immunised since early January and yet, despite the science, despite the recent studies demonstrating minimal transmissibility of the virus when vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, and despite the CDC recommendations that quarantines are unnecessary (which you cite in your articles dated 18 May and 25 May), I cannot come to my home unless I quarantine. 

And, as a fully vaccinated individual wanting to come to my home, I am prevented from doing so, in part because a portion of local Caymanians don’t want to be vaccinated.

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Most maddening is that the criteria to enter Cayman keeps changing. The anticipated dates for reopening and the percentages of different populations needing to be immunised before quarantines are lifted, remain moving targets. To expect 70% of Cayman’s population to be fully immunised, when that includes infants and children who are ineligible to be immunised, makes this an unattainable goal.

Cayman was happy to take my money in the form of transfer taxes and other fees when I became a property owner, yet it continues to block my visitation based on capricious fantasy.

Deborah Davis, MD

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  1. Why on earth would you not want to quarantine? It is well organised, relatively easy and ensures you don’t bring Covid into the community, whether you are vaccinated or not. A percentage of hospitalized Covid cases have had both vaccines, it is not full proof, you are a doctor a should understand this.