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The first 100 days: How PACT could look to make a quick impact

As the Cayman Islands looks ahead to a new era under the leadership of Premier Wayne Panton, a blueprint for the possible direction of the country is beginning to emerge.

The issue explained: Can Speaker Bush help PACT form a stable government?

With the PACT team of independents and the Progressives and their partners locked at 9-9, McKeeva Bush has become the kingmaker and looks set to return to the Speaker's chair where he could cast the deciding vote to make Wayne Panton Premier. We explain some of the law and the debate surrounding the viability of that arrangement.
Wayne Panton and McKeeva Bush

Panton announces new deal to form government, with McKeeva Bush as Speaker

Wayne Panton, the leader of the newly formed PACT Independent Group, announced a deal to form a government that would see McKeeva Bush return as speaker of the house.

McTaggart calls for calm as negotiations continue

Progressives leader Roy McTaggart has said talks to form a government are still very much on as he continues to negotiate with independent members.

Election night as it happened

Roy McTaggart looks set to be the next premier of the Cayman Islands with the Progressives in poll position to lead a coalition government.

Panton, Saunders among contenders in leadership race

Wayne Panton and Chris Saunders have emerged as two of the most likely leaders of a coalition of independent candidates if government is defeated at the polls next week.

No action on recommendations from 2017 election observers

Following Cayman's May 2017 general election, official observers from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association issued a report listing 21 recommendations for updating local electoral processes and laws. To date, there has been no movement on them.
Roy McTaggart Crosstalk debate

Progressives leader rules out Cabinet role for Bush

Progressives leader Roy McTaggart said Monday there would be no place for McKeeva Bush in his Cabinet if he becomes Premier after the election on April 14.

More than 23,000 registered to vote

More than 23,600 voters, subject to claims and objections, will be eligible to cast their votes in the 2021 general election according to the latest update by the Elections Office.

Poll: What is the most important issue for the 2021 election?

Caymanians head to the polls in May 2021 for the islands general election. What is the most pressing issue you would like to see addressed?

Last day to register to vote in May general election

For anyone wanting to cast a ballot in the 26 May general election, today is the last day to register to vote.

Voter registration deadline extended

Potential voters have been given an extra two weeks to register to vote in the May 2021 election.

Governor issues election writs to returning officers

In the latest step in preparing for the May 2021 general election, Governor Martyn Roper on Wednesday issued writs to 19 returning officers.

Eligible Caymanians urged to register to vote

Any eligible Caymanians wanting to vote in the General Election on 26 May 2021 have only until 4 Jan. 2021 to register. The next interim deadline to register to vote is Thursday 1 Oct.

General election date set for 26 May 2021

The Governor’s Office confirmed Friday that the Cayman Islands general election will be held on 26 May next year.

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