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Kirkconnell expects swift review of port EIA scoping report

Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell has said he expects the Environmental Assessment Board to move swiftly in its review of the environmental impact assessment scoping update for the cruise berthing and cargo project.

Elections Office pushes pause button on referendum preparations

The Elections Office has suspended its preparations for the 19 Dec. referendum following the court's decision to delay the vote on the government's cruise berthing and cargo project.

Bush takes aim at anti-port groups

House Speaker McKeeva Bush has warned against misinformation and “emotive rhetoric” in the run-up to the 19 Dec. referendum on Cayman’s cruise berthing and cargo project.
Nadia Hardie, executive director, National Trust

Nat’l Trust files for judicial review over port vote

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands has filed for judicial review of government’s decision to proceed with a referendum on the $200 million port project before an updated environmental impact assessment is completed.

Our port: Should we ‘rent’ or ‘buy’?

The role of tender boat revenues: If the proposed cruise berthing facility is not built, the owners of the existing tender boats will continue...

DoE should take part in public meetings on port

At the Red Bay and Prospect ‘public information session’ Tuesday night, the Cayman Islands government and Verdant Isle Port Partners consortium representatives said that...

EDITORIAL: Have your say

The idea behind the upcoming 19 Dec. referendum on government’s proposed $200 million cruise berthing and cargo port facility is to allow the public...

Port group refutes tourism concerns

Senior government and Verdant Isle officials laid out their case for the cruise and cargo project in the first of a series of public...

National Trust, CPR Cayman letters warn of intended legal action

The National Trust of the Cayman Islands and CPR Cayman have advised the government of their intention to seek judicial review over the 19...

Deceased voters will be removed for referendum poll

A total of 45 deceased voters are still on the 1 Oct. electors register, but Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell has confirmed that those deceased electors will be cleared off the voters list that is being used for the Referendum Day poll.

Overseas voice against cruise port

It seems the Grand Cayman government and CEO of the Verdant Isle consortium (the preferred bidder on the new port project) are listening to...

Revised cruise berthing facility plans released

Developers: revisions 'significantly reduced' impact of the project Government on Wednesday released detailed plans showing the updated design of the new cruise and cargo port...

Deadline set for postal ballots

Nearly two dozen voters have signed up for postal ballots for the 19 Dec. referendum on government’s $200 million cruise berthing port and cargo project.

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