Overseas voice against cruise port

It seems the Grand Cayman government and CEO of the Verdant Isle consortium (the preferred bidder on the new port project) are listening to the concerned voices regarding the reckless destruction and dredging of marine wildlife and beautiful reefs. The new plans show a reduction in dredging and are being put through an environmental impact assessment.

Unfortunately, this still does not save all the reefs or keep the construction out of the ocean, nor does it address the addition of 1 million cruise ship tourists to an existing 1.5 million already crowding the small island.

Caymanians should have the final say when they vote 19 Dec. for or against the project. There is speculation this date was changed and set as an obstacle to get the percentage of votes needed as most people will be out for the holidays. It’s a heartless business when it is fuelled by money and profits at the expense of beautiful and natural things. This is not just a problem for the residents of the island. The impact on the island and environment can be catastrophic.

Unfortunately, I am not a resident of Grand Cayman and cannot vote this coming December but I am urging the residents to back and support the people-initiated referendum opposing the new port in George Town for monstrous cruise ships. I have created and started a petition of my own for non-residents, hoping to lend a voice to the importance of preserving what is left of the island’s natural resources.

This petition is proof that not only Caymanians care for the well-being of a balanced ecosystem for the reefs and animals who also call it home. It’s a planet issue, not just a “registered voter” issue. I can only hope this petition will bring added attention to help save Grand Cayman and its reefs.

For those who would like to add their names or share with other non-residents, please go to chng.it/HhLBk4q9JX.

Thank you. We can do this!

Jennifer Arney
Chicago, USA