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The Resh Hour with Hazard Management Cayman Islands

Reshma Ragoonath sits down with Danielle Coleman, Director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands and Simon Boxall, Public Awareness and Education Officer/ Acting Deputy Director (of HMCI) to discuss the 2021 hurricane season and how best the Cayman Islands can prepare for it.

March roll-out planned for emergency notification system

Phase two of Cayman’s National Emergency Notification System is expected to be launched within the next two months, according to Hazard Management Cayman Islands Director Danielle Coleman.

On the frontline: Director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands faces stormy year

From the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Cayman’s residents became well familiar with the names and faces of the experts who successfully took the islands through lockdown to an almost-normal existence. Danielle Coleman, director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands, brought her considerable skills and experience to the table, working closely with chief medical officer Dr. John Lee and government officials to create COVID safety policies and protocols.

Cayman Regiment reservists showcase skills

Reservists with the Cayman Regiment reservists put their training to the test this week as they ran through a mock hurricane exercise, together with aerial support from the RCIPS Air Operations Unit.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Hurricane evacuations unlikely

As the country prepares for what is expected to be an active hurricane season at a time when borders remain closed both locally and internationally, there are concerns that evacuation flights will not be an option if a large storm heads Cayman’s way.

108 days: Inside Cayman’s COVID-19 response

The National Emergency Operation Centre has been the central organ coordinating Cayman’s COVID-19 response for 108 days and has since been deactivated. The Cayman Compass takes a look inside the operations of the entity behind the response.

Hurricane COVID: Cayman prepares for a storm season like no other

With the 1 June start of hurricane season just two weeks away, emergency planners must grapple with a potentially active storm season, combined with the complications of COVID-19. For government, this prospect is a source of anxiety but also a call to action.

Emergency hospitals established for pandemic response

Two emergency field hospitals will serve for patient overflow in Grand Cayman, in the case that COVID-19 cases stretch capacity at local hospitals. The hope is that Cayman will never need to use the facilities, said Hazard Management Director Danielle Coleman, but the aim is to prepare for worst.

Dealing with earthquake anxiety

People who were unnerved and remain anxious about the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that shook Cayman on Tuesday are being invited to a free event where they can talk together about the impact of the quake.

Residents urged to stay vigilant after quake

Hazard Management CI officials have urged Cayman Island residents to prepare accordingly for aftershocks.

After Dorian, could we be next?

The onslaught of disastrous storms to hit the region in the last few years aligns with the hypothesis of climate scientists that warming oceans are likely to fuel more destructive hurricanes.

Disaster team tests satellite communications

If all phone and internet systems fail in the Cayman Islands, a new satellite communications system is available now for government and emergency response teams to contact the outside world, according to the Governor’s Office.

Flag Day volunteers out in force

Darren Trickett juggles while collecting money for Cayman HospiceCare with his wife Danielle Coleman and daughter Alianne Trickett on Saturday.

Hazard Management official returns from BVI, predicts ‘long road’ to recovery

Following a month spent helping restore basic services to the hurricane-ravaged British Virgin Islands, Danielle Coleman of Hazard Management Cayman Islands says full recovery is likely to take more than a year.

British Virgin Islands gets disaster management help from Cayman

Hazard Management Cayman Islands has sent Danielle Coleman, the agency’s deputy director of preparedness and planning, to the British Virgin Islands to assist with aid efforts. Ms. Coleman will assist the BVI Red Cross and BVI Department of Disaster Management in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

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