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Renters’ rights still depend on 19th century legislation

In an effort to answer some of the most common questions around renters rights, we analysed Cayman’s existing laws and consulted lawyer Linda DaCosta, a partner at HSM Chambers, and an expert in this area.

10 ways to address Cayman’s housing problems

Over the past six weeks, the Cayman Compass Issues section has been taking an in-depth look at some of the concerns around housing in the Cayman Islands. Today we summarise some of the recommendations coming from our readers, contributors and columnists to address the concerns we have highlighted.

Jersey bans foreign home ownership. Should Cayman follow suit?

As a scenic coastal community with a thriving economy underpinned by financial services, the island of Jersey has much in common with Cayman. Despite a totally different approach to real estate regulation, the similarities extend to a major affordable housing problem.

Five ways the world handles housing issues

Many of the affordable housing concerns highlighted by the Compass in recent weeks are not unique to Cayman.

Cayman for sale? Opinion divided over open property market

Cayman's open property market means there are theoretically 8 billion potential buyers for any home that goes on sale in the territory. Opinion is divided over whether restrictions would help make housing more affordable.

How developers could help house the most vulnerable

Joint venture partnerships between developers and government could be a means to help create low-cost housing in the Cayman Islands.

EcoVillage aims to be economically sustainable

It is possible to build affordable homes in Grand Cayman without sacrificing quality of life, according to the developer behind the Orchard Ecovillage in Savannah.
Aleigha General

Is home ownership a realistic aspiration for Gen Z?

Young people don't see a path to home ownership in Cayman writes guest columnist Aleigha General.

Downtown Reach demonstrates demand for affordable homes

The second phase of the Downtown Reach development sold out in two weeks, signifying high demand for affordable homes.

New call for housing support amid storm impact

Tropical Storm Grace has heightened the urgency for repairs on some of Cayman’s most vulnerable properties. The R3 Foundation is seeking donations to help.

House prices have increased exponentially in last 5 years

House prices in some neighbourhoods have almost tripled in the past five years, according to data reviewed by the Cayman Compass.

Home ownership a distant dream for young Caymanians

Young professionals in Cayman fear they are being priced out of the property market and may never have the chance to own a home in their own country.

CIREBA president: Lack of affordable homes is an ongoing concern

The limited number of affordable homes for sale in the Cayman Islands has been a longstanding concern in the community, according to Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association president Brian Wight.

Could tiny homes help resolve housing issues?

Purpose built ‘tiny homes’ could be part of the solution to finding shelter for families in crisis, charity Acts of Random Kindness believes.

Tiny home project built on community kindness

ARK’s first new-build project – a tiny home for the Trusty family in Frank Sound – will be a genuine product of community kindness.

Compass documentary: Spotlight on housing crisis

As part of our ongoing series on housing concerns in the Cayman Islands, the Compass has produced a mini-documentary featuring families living in difficult conditions on the margins of society.

Spotlight on Cayman’s hidden housing crisis

Out of sight and, in many cases, out of mind on the winding back streets of Grand Cayman, many families are living in crisis.

Ivan’s ghost still haunts Cayman homes

Almost two decades after the Category 4 hurricane, Ivan’s ghost still haunts homes across Cayman.

Editorial: Compass series investigates Cayman’s housing problems

Over the next six weeks, the Cayman Compass will be taking a detailed look at the complex, multi-faceted problems surrounding the most basic need of everyone who calls these islands home.

Family living in limbo amid land dispute

A complex history of land ownership may see an unemployed mother and her family forced to vacate the land that their home - a converted mobile classroom - occupies.

Families still living in condemned properties

Josepha Carter smiles broadly between deep gulps of oxygen from the ventilator that keeps her tethered to her room in the simple home in the back streets of West Bay.

Counting the cost of living in the Cayman Islands

In a comprehensive data analysis, James Whittaker and Michael Klein examine some of the highest costs of living in Cayman and assess how we measure up to the United Kingdom and the United States.

East End retirement home project on hold

The eastern districts will have to wait a while longer for a new retirement home as Premier Alden McLaughlin said on Thursday that government will not be embarking on any new capital projects.

Container home promises ‘safe harbour’ for West Bay family

Volunteers help transform a shipping container into a home for a West Bay mum and three children.

EDITORIAL – A safe, decent affordable place to call home

A good rule of thumb, used in many countries around the world, is that housing and related expenses should not exceed 30% of a household’s take-home income.

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